November 21, 2014

Weekly Wrap-Up

It's Friday already! Whew.

My week was busy. Maybe a bit busier than I'd like, but not overwhelming. Here are a few of the blessings this week.
1. Friends. I went to a friend's home for a nice visit. I spent some time on the phone with a friend having a hard week. And tonight I'll be getting together with three of my closest friends. In these busy days, it's harder for us to all get together, so it will be a rare treat. I think we all need it, too. It's been many, many months.

November 19, 2014


It's been a busy time of cleaning around here. We had to move some furniture, clean up from the sanding I mentioned, and more. The blog may be a little quiet until after Thanksgiving.

November 17, 2014

Recipe Tip

Maybe you are like me and have a recipe that you use time after time, but you don't quite have it memorized. For me, it's the best chocolate chip cookie recipe. EVER.

Instead of pulling out the recipe each time I make chocolate chip cookies, I keep it in the handiest place ever.
Keep your favorite recipe taped to the inside of your cupboard door.

November 14, 2014

A Dusty Week

It's time to think about the week. What's been happening with you? Can you name a few good things?
1. A new haircut. My hair has turned a bit funky. It used to be stick straight. Now it has it's own fuzzy personality. My stylist put in some long layers. When I arrived home, Big Sister (age 8) asked me how I got curly hair. It's not that curly, but certainly has some body. The best part is that I'm not fighting it any more. And no, I'm sorry, but I don't have a photo...

November 10, 2014

How to Remove Blood Stains on Carpet

Two of my children often have bloody noses. Recently, they were wrestling and one of them began bleeding. Thankfully only a few drops of blood dripped on the carpet.
how to remove blood from carpet
I sent the bloodied child to the bathroom and provided tissues. Then I got to work. I grabbed the bottle of peroxide that I keep in the laundry closet and a few paper towels.  In just a minute or two the blood stain was gone. Here's how.

November 7, 2014

Sick Blessings

How has your week been? It's been a little rough here, but nothing we can't handle. Today I'm sharing the good stuff of the week. It's a great way for me to focus on the positive while connecting a bit more with readers. Join in here.

1. Feeling better. Kind of. I'm feeling much better than last weekend. (See link below.) My husband is now sick.
2. Voting. I may have spent 1 hour and 15 minutes in line, but I voted. Even if all "my guys" didn't win, I'm grateful for the process.
3. Planning. I'm thinking about Thanksgiving and Christmas a lot these days. What do you think should go on my wishlist? I'm accepting recommendations!

November 6, 2014

Classic Apple Pie Recipe

Derek and I dated when he was still in college. It was a long-distance relationship the first and third years. During those years, we would see one another when I went to see him for the weekend or when he came home for the weekend (though still an hour away). Sundays when we was home, after church I would be invited to join his family at his grandparents' home. We'd sit down to a big meal. I'd stuff myself, not used to such good food. It took a few Sunday dinners before I realized I needed to leave room for pie. Apple pie, to be specific.
Classic apple pie recipe. Grandma taught me to make this! It's a family favorite.
She did not always bake apple apple pie, but since it's Derek's favorite, I think Grandma would make it just for him since he wasn't always home. Of course, his brothers would sometimes have their favorite, too. Apple pie is my favorite pie, too.  When we were first married, I would try once a year or so to make Grandma's apple pie recipe. (Of course, she doesn't use a recipe, but I'm not 91...I still need the recipe.) It was only okay when I made it.

Then I watched Grandma make her pie and pie crust a couple of times. It helped immensely. I now make apple pie a few times a year. Practice definitely helps.