Help Design the Dining Room

I need your help! We built this house in 2008. We just recently got a dining room set. Prior to this, a (different) hutch and small breakfast table were in our dining room. We almost never ate there.

Our dining room set is not new, and not exactly our style, but it definitely works. Knowing we would not buy a dining room set for a few more years (but needing the additional seating at times), when friends offered this set, we said yes.

However, our dining room is not decorated. I'm wondering if anyone would like to offer suggestions. As of now, we are planning to add crown molding and chair rail to the walls. I have no ideas for colors. The rest of our first floor (except the powder room) is a taupe color that changes with the lighting. It appears green, brown, or gray, depending upon the lighting conditions. It's perfect for us.

French Puffs Recipe

French puffs are simple and easy to prepare with just enough flavor to make them fabulous. I've been making these as mini french puffs for about fifteen years. This french puff recipe is perfect to make for a breakfast with friends.

The original recipe needed just a few adjustments. It came from a spiral-bound church recipe book called More Tasty Recipes. It definitely has some keepers in it.

Don't let the simplicity of this recipe deceive you. 
miniature french puffs

What's in the Bible GIVEAWAY

We appreciate solid, biblical teaching for children and adults. That's why we like the DVD series called What's in the Bible. Puppets and animation tell the story of God's Word, looking at the big picture while keeping it very relevant for people today.

Snow Day Activities

It's a snow day here at This Simple Home. In the past three hours, our children have been busy on their own. Sometimes I choose or even plan activities for the children and me. Other times, like this morning, we're more relaxed.

It's the first time we've had a decent amount of snow this year, possibly 3-4 inches. Even my husband had a four-hour delay for his work.

Chocolate-Covered Rice Krispies Kiss

Have you seen the giant Kisses made by Hershey? My husband actually mailed me one for our first Valentine's Day. (We dated long distance.)  Ever since, the giant Hershey Kisses have had a special place in my heart.

This year, my daughter bought him a giant Hershey Kiss, so I knew I wouldn't do the same. However, I still wanted to remember that first Valentine's Day with a giant Kiss. I had seen the giant "Kisses" made with Rice Krispies. I decided to make my own version. (May I just say I was pretty excited to think of my own spin to make these chocolate-covered Rice Krispie Treat Kisses?)
Chocolate-covered Rice Krispeis Treat Kiss

Rice Krispies Treat Recipe for Giant Kiss

1,000 Clutter Items Gone in One Month

I began my clutter-free journey at Christmas. I truly believe God had prepared me for some big changes. It has become apparent to me that I any efforts I make to clean or organize are fruitless when our family has So.Much.Stuff.

I am excited to share my update with you because I sincerely appreciate your support and encouragement.
I began counting items when I gathered up some clothes and toys to give to my youngest sister who is about to have twins when we traveled to see our families at Christmas. With just 30 items counted, I was off to a good start.

Small Space Mudroom Alternative

When my husband and I were looking to buy a home seven years ago, I knew I wanted a mudroom. Within a month or so, we learned of new homes we could build. Looking over the many floorplans, we knew our options were limited if we were to stay within budget and get the upgrades we desired. We quickly realized we could not spend an additional $20,000 to have a house with a mudroom.

So we don't. Nor do we have a real entry way. Immediately in front of the main door is the staircase. Obviously, it's not ideal. The family walks inside from the garage to the kitchen 99% of the time. Then we have to walk around the corner to get to the coat closet to hang coats and put away shoes. We needed a coat area which would be convienent for children to hang their coats and backpacks.

Laughing and Sneezing...Uh-Oh.

Laughing. Sneezing. Exercising. Waiting too long...Uh-oh.

Yep. Bladder leaks are a way of life for 65 million people...Young and old. Men and women.

When I was contacted about writing this post, I decided to do it because these problems are relevant to my readers, even if they're only spoken of behind closed doors...if at all. It's good to know you are not the only one who has had bladder I'm sharing today thanks to Depend's sponsoring this post.

Chicken and Waffles Recipe

One of the strangest sounding things my husband and his family have introduced me to during the past 15 years is chicken and waffles. (The other thing is Christmas crackers...not served with cheese, but the kind that pop for celebrations.) I will admit that I thought the chicken and waffle combination was too strange to taste good. Derek quickly explained if I like chicken and biscuits (YES!), then I would like chicken and waffles. (YES!)

So I tried them. And now it's a favorite. My 8-year-old asked me this past weekend when we would have it again. We can think of Grandma and Grandpa every time we enjoy them.

Now you may notice that our chicken and waffle recipe is very different from what some restaurants call chicken and waffles. They serve a baked or fried chicken. This is more of a chicken and gravy recipe.
Chicken and Waffles Recipe

Chicken and Waffles

Rainbow Yogurt from Yoplait

I thrilled my children recently with rainbow yogurt. It's easy to whip up this edible rainbow for a dessert or snack.  Thanks to Yoplait Greek 100 Whips! for sponsoring today's post. To make your own rainbow, you night begin with their vanilla good...or mix and match flavors like we did.  Either way, an edible, healthy rainbow is sure to be a hit. 
Edible Rainbow Yogurt in a Cup
Using approximately one container of Yoplait yogurt per person enjoying the rainbow snack, divide the yogurt among six bowls (or seven bowls if you want to distinguish between blue and indigo). Add a small amount of food coloring to add color. Repeat to make the colors of the rainbow.