My New Books

Last August my first book was published. This month two more of my books were published by Rourke Educational Media. They were a lot fun to research and write about.

Flowers Book Description: 
Flowers are more than just decoration. They have an important job. But they can't always do it alone. Find out more about the work of flowers, how they attract help, and how they help plant species survive.
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Soil Book Description:
Soil hides most of the time, but it's important. Dig into the layers of soil and learn how it is made. Find out how soil helps plants and other living things thrive. Are you ready to get your hands dirty? 
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A lot of people ask me how I became an author. The short answer is that the first book was an assignment. I wrote a detailed post about getting my first book published here.

Others want to know how they can best support authors (myself or others). Please consider requesting your public library order the books your favorite authors write. Then be sure to borrow them, too. Consider buying a book either for yourself or as a gift for another. Telling others about the books is always helpful, whether in real life or on social media. If the author provides school visits, tell your PTO and school principal. All of these things support authors!

My publisher sent me these bookmarks this week. They will be given to children at upcoming events! I laughed when I opened the flap and saw my face there.
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Thanks so much for reading about this new writing journey. It's been fun!

~ Annette
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