10 Gifts for Writers

Some professions and hobbies become a person's identity. Writers fit into this category. Based on this past Christmas and my personal wishlist, here are some gift ideas for writers. I think many of these would also be great for bloggers.
1. Good Office Chair
A comfortable office chair makes all the difference when one spends hours sitting at a desk.

We had an office chair, but I avoided it. Once I started writing books, I knew I needed to use my desk. The old office chair went to the basement and I used a dining room chair. I was quite content with it, but I was quite excited for the office chair my husband chose for me as a Christmas gift.

2. Writing Conference 
Send your writer to a conference. They'll make friends and connections and understand the publishing world much better. They'll come away inspired and a better writer.

I wasn't sure if there was a conference out there tailored to me as a children's nonfiction writer. My first writing conference was the 21st Century Children's Nonfiction Conference. It was there I met my editor for my recently released book and my two upcoming books. (It would also be great for illustrators and editors.) I can also heartily recommend the Highlights Foundation. I attended the Nuts and Bolts of Science Writing workshop. They were both right in my writing niche. At the Montrose Christian Writer's Conference I was pleasantly surprised at how much I learned that applied to me though not many classes were specifically for children's nonfiction writers.

3. Resource Books
Your writer will become a better writer by writing and reading. Some professional tools are also especially handy. Some are nice to have while others are necessary. Here are a few I use or want, but keep in mind a gift card to their favorite bookstore would be appreciated and enjoyed. (These are affiliate links.)

Children's Writer's Word Book (worth every penny)
Oxford American Writer's Thesaurus
Chicago Manual of Style (16th Edition)
The Flip Dictionary
Writer's Market (2017)
Children's Writer's and Illustrator's Market (2017)

Writing for the Educational Market: Informational Books for Kids 

4. Bookshelves
All of those books need a home on a bookshelf. 

I'm dreaming of built-ins.

5. Warmers
Typing in a chilly room is not ideal. Warm your writer with wrist warmers, a heated throw blanket, or even a scarf to drape across her shoulders.

When I learned my mother-in-law was knitting again (after a multi-decade break), I requested a scarf. The photo doesn't do it justice, but it's truly lovely. I also use wrist warmers when I'm chilly. Really.

6. Footrest
Not all writers will need a footrest, but I do. Since I'm short, the footrest helps me to sit with better posture. I've been using a box, but plan to get this footrest. (Edited: I have it and appreciate it daily.)

7. Stacked Teapot 
As a teapot and cup all in one, it's just about perfect. A stacked teapot will keep your writer's tea warm and served in a unique design. I have the one shown here and another...both are lovely and wonderful! (Not all designs are dainty.)
Or...a coffee mug with a favorite quote or two. How about a Shakespearean insult mug

8. Literary Gifts
Whether it's a first edition of your writer's favorite book or a necklace with a book charm, literary gifts are personal and fun. 

9. Self-Care
A writer's life is sedentary. Encourage your writer to get moving. Whether it's a gym membership, annual pass to the local garden, or exercise DVDs, help them to stay healthy. 

I try to use Leslie Sansone's videos at least four times a week. This one is my favorite. No coordination needed to get the heart rate up. Really.

10. Support
Don't undervalue the support you give to a writer though it may not be a gift to wrap. Buy their books (if it's not your genre give it as a gift) and tell others about the books. Sign up for their newsletter and follow them on social media. Ask your library to order their book and host an author program. If you are able, provide time for your writer to write and create. 

So there you have ten gifts for the writer in your life. 

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase through an affiliate link, I earn a small percentage at no cost to you. Thank you!
~ Annette
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  1. A good desk chair is a definite essential. Congratulations on your books!


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