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We are a family of five living in rural-ish Pennsylvania. I am not a fun mom naturally, so I try to make intention time with my children and husband having fun. Be sure to check out the children tab for more activities with children.
Hospitality and Keeping House
Taming the Tongue

Contentment in Disagreement (Marriage)
Vacation at the In-Laws
5 Simple Ways to Celebrate Birthdays 
Potty Training Tips from Readers
Say Yes
Meal Time Priorities
I Don't Do It All: Easy Meals
Backyard T-Ball
Don't Ask Why
Star Wars Gift Ideas 
Summer Schedule Printable
Homemade Gift Ideas
Star Wars Peg People
Hope Fulfilled {Siblings}
Introducing LEGOS & Responsibility
10 Ways to Prepare for Vacation
Kid-Friendly Garage Solutions

Special Needs

Speech Disorder Childhood Apraxia of Speech (My daughter's story)
Seizures My son's story and more recently his UPDATE, unfortunately.
Identity: Don't allow your child's special-ness to become his or her identity.

A Less-Stressed Christmas Series

and more coming soon...


As a born-again Christian, my faith impacts all parts of my life, family, and home.  Though This Simple Home does not focus on faith, it is part of me, so I do write about it at times.  Though my views are fairly conservative, please know that I am not a cookie-cutter Christian...and don't think anyone should be.

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