April 13, 2012

Get to Know Me...

I'm joining in the Ultimate Blog Party 2012 over at 5 Minutes for Mom!  I'm joining in this week, and you can too!

I have now been blogging for over three years, but This Simple Home is my start-from-scratch blog, new this year.   It is amazing how much I have learned from fellow bloggers during that time and the friendships that have been formed!

 This Simple Home is a bit of a  hodgepodge of my home.   I particularly like to share what works for me because I am self-taught as a homemaker and appreciate the help that other women have given to me.  When I was in the sixth grade I moved in with my single dad.  As you might imagine, our home was never described as tidy and our eating habits were not so good.  It was not until I was an adult that I learned the value of maintaining my home and family.

Now that I married and have children of my own, I enjoy cooking and baking for them.  (Sometimes my children help, too!)  Most of my recipes are rather easy.  My collection of recipes are used time and time again since I only try new recipes once or twice a month.  (Obviously, I am slowly sharing our favorite recipes here...or at least the ones worthy of sharing.)
Part of This Simple Home is my own little journey to clean up my home.  I need to be better organized and clean more often.  I have slowly been plugging away at this.  My big projects this year have been tackling our bedroom and creating a home organizer binder.

Being a former elementary teacher, I look for ways to engage my three children.  We read.  A LOT. (Sometimes we review books, too.)  Occasionally, we create crafts based on books, and other times we find something of our own crafts or at other blogs to create.  Big Sis is 5, Brother is 3, and Little Sis is 5 months.  Life here is a bit busy, but we know we are blessed.

I am Annette.  Thanks for visiting This Simple Home.  I hope you return again!

(Giveaways are not a big focus here, but I do like to share goodies with my readers every so often!  Right now I have three copies of The Extraordinary Education of Nicholas Benedict to giveaway.  It is part of an awesome series, written for children, but also enjoyed by adults!  Next week I will have more giveaways, too!  Come back soon!)

~ Annette {This Simple Mom}


  1. Found you through the blog party. I'm excited to explore your blog. Megan

  2. It was fun to get to know more about you! My mom was not very domestic, so I've spent a lot of years figuring out how to best make things work at home, too. I can't say I have it down pat yet, but I figure as long as I am continually improving, that's a good thing.

  3. Hi Anette! Visited your Pinterest board and would like to invite you to participate in Project Pinterest on April 19th where everyone that creates something from a pin that has inspired them can share. Waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  4. Stopping by from the UBP! I love your mobile!

  5. Visiting from the UBP. I'll be looking around more as I have been working hard this year do become more domesticated. Hope you'll come visit us http://raisingourfamily.blogspot.com

  6. Hello! I'm visiting from the Ultimate Blog Party. It's great to visit your blog - I love the look of it!! I'm excited to look around more.

    I would love it if you joined in on my Weekly Tuesday blog hop!!

  7. Thanks for visiting and saying hello for the UBP! I look forward to taking a look around. Happy UBP!

  8. Stopping by from UBP...cute site! Love the recipes!!! Have a great week!

  9. Hopped over from UBP, I love what your blog is about, I'm trying to get a handle on organising our home too, but the kids have different ideas!

  10. Hello there!
    I am visiting from UBP. Awesome blog I think we all struggle with keeping the house clean and staying organized especially with kids!!!! You can reach out and help a lot of people through this blog! I am your newest follower! Can't wait to hear what tips you have! I blog over at http://garagesalesrus.blogspot.com/ check it out when you get some time!

  11. Your recipes look great. Can't wait to read more of 'em after the UBP!


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