Reading is a big part of our home and family.  Because of that, it is also an important part of this blog!

My favorite books of 2013, fiction and non-fiction.
My favorite books of 2012, fiction and non-fiction

I'm not a homeschooling mom, but books are so important that I created an enrichment mini-unit.
A Mouse Called Wolf, by Dick King-Smith Enrichment Activities
A Mouse Called Wolf Critical Thinking Questions

Introducing Chapter Books
25+ CLASSIC Chapter Books for Independent Readers (or Family Read Alouds)
Books for Advanced Readers (This list comes from many people, with lots of variety.)

Books for Middle Grade BOYS (or Girls)

Children's Books (Includes picture books and chapter books)
Easter Books
Christmas Books
Book Activities
Book Party
Book Worm (100 Books)
Owl Heart Shape Owl
Heart Shaped Animal Crafts (My Heart Is Like a Zoo)

Little House on the Prairie Activities

Adult Fiction
Adult Nonfiction

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