October 30, 2012

DIY Braids for a Costume

When I decided that I might be capable of sewing a pseudo-pioneer dress for Big Sister's Little House birthday party, I thought it might be good for this to be her costume for Halloween, too.  With that, I turned her pioneer bonnet into a bonnet with braids.

Big Sister asked for a sunbonnet to go with her dress so she could be Laura Ingalls, when I mentioned the dress idea.  I regretted cutting her hair in the spring.  Then I remembered my friend, Ticia's post about how to make a Rapenzul wig.

First, purchase a 30¢ piece of felt, about 9x12, in your color of choice.

1. Cut felt in half vertically.  Now you have two long pieces.
2. Each of these pieces will become a braid.   Now partially cut these pieces into thirds, vertically, but do not cut to the end.  Leave about one inch of uncut felt.  Below is a bit of a diagram.
3.Now take one half of the felt, already partially cut, and braid it!  I pinned it to my pants so that I could make a tight braid.  (I actually experimented with loose and tight braids.  The tight braid looked nicer and was just as long.)  
4. Secure it with a hair tie.  Then complete the second braid.
5. Attach it to a hat of choice.  I used safety pins to attach it, two to a braid.
6. Decorate with hair ribbons, if desired.
For a more accurate Laura Ingalls costume, the hair ribbons should be red-and there should be two hair ribbons, not one.  I do not have any thin red ribbon, though I did consider using yarn.  (I would love for someone, upon seeing Big Sister's costume, to be passionate enough about Laura Ingalls Wilder to gently correct this minor inaccuracy!)

How would you use fake hair braids? Just think of the red braids for Anne of Green Gables or Pippi Longstocking.  I'm also thinking it would be fun to be Little Red Riding Hood or, of course, a pioneer girl like Laura Ingalls or Caddie Woodlawn!  Betsy Ray (from Betsy-Tacy) also wore brown braids!  Maybe I'm a tad book-focused for costumes?  You don't mind do you?  (If you haven't read any any of those books, you should rectify that soon!!)

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~ Annette {This Simple Mom}


  1. They're adorable! I love them.

  2. Oh! I didn't even catch that from the first pictures but what a GREAT idea! Nicely done. :D


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