Celebrating Birthdays

Welcome to October! October is always busy for us with the three children's birthdays. Add to that football for Big Sister and Brother, community activities, school activities, and everything else, and we're busy.

So how do we celebrate three birthdays that take place in the span of one week?

Dinner and Dessert

Birthday Kid chooses the dinner and dessert menu for their birthday. This is their chance to really have what they want for dinner. Here are this year's choices.

  • Big Sister, age 10: Velveeta Shells and Cheese with apple pie. (A side note: It has probably been two or three years since we had Shells and Cheese. She hasn't forgotten it!)
  • Brother, age 8: Andre's Pizza with peanut butter swirl brownies.
  • Little Sister, age 5: Cheeseburgers and a giant cookie cake. This is incredibly easy and delicious!

A Party

The kids don't have parties every year. In fact, Big Sister turns ten this month and she's having her second friend party. (Her first party was a Little House party.) When the Birthday Kid has a party, they get to help choose a theme and activities. Last year, Brother had a LEGO party. (And no, I didn't blog about it.) Big Sister chose a Star Wars theme for this year. 

All of our family lives hours away, so we don't have a family party. However, my mother-in-law visits every year for a birthday. (Often my father-in-law joins us, too.)

We try to keep it simple while celebrating the children's uniqueness! 

What's your favorite way to celebrate a birthday? 

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~ Annette
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  1. I can't believe we both have TEN year olds this year!!!

    Our family celebrations have grown simpler by the year. We did friend parties when I just had one kid and was younger. Since then we usually have our close family friends over for lunch after church or something easy where the focus is just on spending time together as families. On the actual b'day the kid gets to pick the dinner/dessert just like in your family! :)

    But TEN. I'm stuck here. :D

  2. I love birthdays and always make a big deal out of them. Right now we're celebrating my husband's birthday with 15 days of presents.


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