Weekend Wind-Down: May 9th

Does time slip away from you like it does me?  I find it difficult to believe we are nearly half way through this year.  Each time I write a check, I must remind myself of the year.  I usually catch myself.

I have previously mentioned my goal of freelance writing.  This week an article of mine was published in our church denomination's magazine.  The article was volunteered; I hope it leads to a paid opportunity as it is my first "clipping."  Unfortunately, I have not had the time to pursue writing as I'd like in the past month.  Currently, I am writing an article about Derek's grandfather.

This week on the blog I shared some new board books and a homemade french fry tip.


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Pretty Mother's Day Card made with Silhouette Portrait! Free cut file to download too! 
  Roasted Potato & Onion Wedges

How to Be a Team Player in Marriage            Homemade Frozen Pizza
submissiveness in marriage  Homemade Frozen Pizza | Easy and tasty. No need to buy it from the store anymore.
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~ Annette W. {This Simple Mom}
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