Weekend Wind-Down

I prefer to spend more time home than out and about.  Don't get me wrong; I really enjoy my friends.  But I really try to balance my time out and at home with more time at home.  I do this because I am an introvert, but also because I get behind on my housework very easily.  Sometimes a week's schedule nearly knocks me over.  This is one of them.

Monday- Spent the morning at a new friend's home with the kids.
Tuesday- Grocery shopping.  Art night at school.
Wednesday- Mall shopping (and Target) with a friend.  (Think of What Not to Wear...I was the poorly dressed woman looking at the clearance racks since I was not shopping on someone else's bill.  I may write a post about all of it.)  I was gone over five hours  and wanted to nap like my two year old on the way home.   FYI, over 1 1/2 hours of driving time to/from the mall.
Thursday- Brother had his kindergarten screening/testing.  He just needs to work on handwriting.
Friday- Today was the first day of Bible study.  We're using this, and I'm excited.
Saturday- Friends will visit.
Sunday- Church and a much needed nap are on the agenda.

This week on the blog I shared what I have read in the past month, including a great book.  Save the broccoli cheddar soup recipe for a chilly day.  It's good stuff.  Yesterday I also shared cute ballet shoes that provide incredible comfort and support.

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  1. Thanks for featuring our road trip survival tips, Annette! Have a great weekend!


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