Weekend Wind-Down

Where did my week go?  I know I spent a lot of time writing for my class.  I am ready to send out several queries to magazines.  I also wrote one article for my church's magazine.  If you read This Simple Home much, you know I am a casual writer.  I enjoy it, but I am not bound by a lot of rules.  (Some punctuation may be a bit overused... Ha.)  Writing more formally is not so natural for me.  This morning I sent out queries for an article called "Fake Your Cooking Skills."  Now the wait is on.  It often takes a couple months to hear back from editors.

Wednesday I spent a few hours cleaning our desk.  It was awful.  I am hoping to use it more, but will need to move a dining room chair to the desk since the office chair hurts my back.  Our current bad habit is to use the computer while sitting on the couch.

This week I also went through my winter and summer wardrobe with a friend.  I asked her to tell me what
looked good on me.  Thankfully, some of it did.  Many of my clothes are too big.  I also learned that I should not wear petite tops though I am only five foot.  More than a few shirts and sweaters were too short for me.  Apparently I have lost some weight because I now fit into two pairs of jeans that have not been worn since 2006 (the year Big Sister was born).  My friend was good at saying things were out of style (being ten years old...), a poor fit, or just not complimentary.  I have about fifty items to sell/give away.  My guess is 85% of them are clothes that were barely worn or not worn in the past year or two anyway.

On the blog this week I shared homemade soft pretzels and my weekly to-do list.  Obviously, blogging is not happening too often now.

It's time for the Weekend Wind-Down Party.  If you link up, please follow the rules.

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  1. Hi there, I found you through the link party. Thanks for hosting.

  2. As always.. thank you for hosting another terrific party! Have a blessed weekend ~Stacy

  3. Thanks for featuring my post! :)

  4. Sounds like a MOST helpful friend!!

    Today I managed to go through the kids' clothes with them, putting away the heavy winter wear (fingers crossed!) and pulling out the lighter clothes for the next season. Gathered up a bag for Goodwill that I don't think will be useful to us in the future and cleaned the kids bedroom (with them helping, of course). ;) The upstairs feels a bit more organized now! Little baby steps towards a cleaned and organized home! :D


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