Winter Window Candle Decorations

This window hangs above our kitchen sink.  (Pictured below is half of the window.) With as much time as I spend at the window, I hadn't put much consideration into it until recently.  These winter window candles make my heart happy.
On my second trip to IKEA in December, I bought a 100 pack of tea lights and a four pack of votive holders.  Once home, I filled each glass holder about one third of the way with salt and placed a tea light on top.  Set in the center of the candles, a small goblet holds a wandering jew plant.  The plant provides a bit of height and texture, as well as an odd number of objects for the window display.

Although This Simple Home focuses on our home and family, it does not focus on home decor for a couple of reasons.  1. I don't have a knack for it.  2. I don't have a knack for it.

That being said, I do want to have a few lovely spaces.  On our handmade sofa table, I keep an apothecary jar, some old books, along with our mantle clock.  I've tried a couple items in the jar, but my favorite was my fall apothecary jar.  And that is about as far as my decorating skills have gone until now.  Next, I'll need suggestions for simple windowsill decorations for summer and spring.

What sits on your kitchen's window sill, if anything? 

~ Annette {This Simple Mom}
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  1. That's beautiful! It looks so peaceful with the snow in the background! :)

  2. You crack me up! The candles are pretty. I am sure they look nice from outside too. :)


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