Weekend Wind-Down

The Winter That Would Not End continues here.  Obviously, spring is over a month away, but our little corner of Pennsylvania has been hammered this winter with significantly more snow than usual.  (Our average is less than 23 inches.  We've had well over 50 inches so far.  The year we bought a snow blower we never even had more than two inches at a time.)  Big Sister's school is in its tenth snow day of the school year today.  During the month of February, they have only had two full days of school, though they also had two more two hour delays.  This is hard on my children who need routine.  Really hard.

I made chocolate covered peanut butter hearts for Valentine's Day.  They are surprisingly easy to make.  I'll share how soon.  Earlier this week I shared a 20 minute dough recipe and explained why I don't shred cheese.  I also reviewed the book Hands Free Mama which I was very eager to read.  If you (or your children) enjoy heart crafts, check out our heart owl craft.

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  1. awesome features! super fun party :) thanks for hosting in the snow!


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