Fruit of the Spirit Object Lessons and Snack

Last week I shared that the book The Fruitful Wife (linked to my review) motivated me to share some lessons about the fruit of the Spirit and make a printable.  I used this nine lesson study to share with my 4 and 6 year old children.  I just chose a few key things from each lesson to teach my own children about the fruit of the Spirit since the lessons are suited for older children.
My kids  Most kids respond well to object lessons...everyday objects/activities that help us to understand a spiritual lesson, so I sought out a few.  Below I have detailed two fruit of the Spirit object lessons and shared a simple (but amazing to the children) snack, as well as links to other fruit of the Spirit object lessons that I may want to revisit in the future.
Three Types of Fruit: Introduction to the Fruit of the Spirit
Display and discuss the three types of fruit.
Fake Fruit- (Initially, I wanted fake fruit that looked real, but decided that shiny, colorful toy fruit was just as ideal.) Though it looks perfect and without blemishes, there is no nourishment or flavor.  It's not even edible!  This fake fruit reminds us that some people do not allow the Holy Spirit to work within them.  Their lives may seem good at quick glance, but really their lives are not productive or good for anything.  Being good is not what faith is about!
Rotten Fruit- Though this fruit can show in our lives, it is not what anyone prefers to have around them.  Rotten fruit can even make a person sick.  Anger, selfishness, and jealousy are not from the Holy Spirit.  Just as rotten fruit makes you sick, sin makes you spiritually sick and separated from God.
Fresh Fruit- The fresh fruit is not only appealing to the eye, but also healthy.  It provides nutrients that each person needs.  AND it tastes great!  It's sweetness is perfect for eating fresh, though it can also be added to pies and breads.  It can also be canned or made into jams and jellies.  The fruit of the Spirit (love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, and self-control) are evidence of the Holy Spirit working in our lives.  The fruit of the Spirit in our own lives glorifies God and makes others want to be around us.

Fruit Salad: Which is a Fruit of the Spirit?
Prepare several types of chopped fruits and vegetables (or other food items) in advance and place them in individual containers.  (If you do not have nine types of fruit, just spread the various fruit into nine bowls.)  I chose to use tin foil for the lids and wrote directly upon it.   In advance label each fruit container with a fruit of the spirit.  Label the non-fruit items with words such as selfishness, dishonesty, jealousy, or rudeness.  (For older children and teens consider using synonyms instead of the actual word listed in the verse.)  It worked well for us to have three bowls of non-fruit.

Explain to the children that today you need to make a delicious fruit salad.  Ask what would NOT be in a fruit salad.  Ask what behaviors and attitudes are sins in our lives.  Remind them (or ask) that these do not come from the Holy Spirit.  Ask what is in a fruit salad.  Ask what the fruit of the Spirit is.  Remind them that our lives can sometimes get mixed up, with the evidence of our heart shown as the fruit of our lives.

Using the bowls, have children choose and pour fruit items into a larger bowl.  Then stir and serve the fruit salad to the children!  My son asked multiple times (the same day even) for another fruit of the Spirit salad!

These fruit of the Spirit object lessons were with the original lessons, though I explained them in more detail here.

Fruit of the Spirit Snack
And a fruit of the Spirit snack when introducing LOVE!  Carve a heart-shaped apple!

There are more great resources out there, too!
Tree object lesson. It likens a Christian to a tree.  We need certain things to grow.  I really like this one for a fruit of the Spirit activity!
Balloon object lesson. Great for a wrap up fruit of the Spirit activity to help focus on which fruit God is working on in our lives.
Seed object lesson.  Consider the potential of seeds and the fruit of the Spirit.

Get your fruit of Spirit/Galations 5:22-23 printable.  It's free!

And if you are a wife or know a wife, I HIGHLY recommend The Fruitful Wife!

~ Annette {This Simple Mom}


  1. I love the comparisons...... I might have to try this for my class.

  2. These are interesting! I can use these with my baby when she gets older - especially the first one. Wonderful!

  3. I love how you put it all together. I'm going to have to write this idea down, so I can do it when my son gets older. Thanks for the idea!

  4. I love this! what a great lesson <3 So creative!

  5. Nicely done. Creative lessons like this are more easily remembered.

  6. These are great lessons. I admit, I can only think of the song "The fruit of the spirit's not a pineapple" anytime I hear the passage now, since it was drummed into me as a kid! :)

  7. Oh! What awesome object lessons! I bet my kids would really enjoy that!

  8. Very cool. Passing on the my niece and great nieces! They will love it.


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