Fruit of the Spirit {Printable}

I was eager to get into the Bible and do some studying with the kids this summer.  After reading and loving The Fruitful Wife (linked to my review), I knew a study on the fruit of the Spirit was in order.

ten week study was not for me.  However, nine fruit of the Spirit lessons, plus coloring pages was definitely my speed!  I especially appreciated how the printables identified the fruit as one type of generic fruit (instead of love being an apple, joy being a strawberry, and bunches of other fruits) since it is the fruit of the Spirit.

We wanted to memorize Galations 5:22-23.  I did not find a free printable that I loved for teaching the verse (though some are really cute) to 4 and 6 year olds, so I created my own.  Want a fruit of the Spirit printable?  With or without the green border?  (If it appears a bit fuzzy, that is because it is just a screen image.)
(Click the link of your choosing below.)

(I have lots of fruit of the Spirit things pinned on Pinterest if you are interested in activities and printables.  Also, I HIGHLY recommend The Fruitful Wife.  I can't say that enough!)

Next week I have a bit more about what we have done with the fruit of the Spirit in conjunction with the lessons linked above.  Until then...have a Spirit-filled weekend!

~ Annette {This Simple Mom}


  1. I'm reading The Fruitful Wife just now - I'm on the next-to-last chapter. I'm loving it! But I almost feel the need to reread it immediately to try to absorb more of it. Thanks for all these resources to look into! I think I may have read your review before, but I'll come back and take another look at it once I am done reading.

    1. Barbara, I also felt that rereading it immediately would be beneficial! (I actually did one chapter.)

  2. Ha! My Sunday school class is starting a unit on this today. I just finished printing and putting together our sample crafts.


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