What's for Dinner in June

Though I did meal plan for the month of May, I never actually posted about it.  Meal planning once month at a time is a must for me.  Weekly or even biweekly planning just leaves me unprepared.

Week 1
Homemade Pizza
Bacon Ranch Chicken
Couscous and chicken or ham
Cheeseburger Macaroni

Week 2
BBQ Chicken
Ham and Mac
Cheesy Bacon Potato Rounds and Salad

Week 3
Chicken Tacos
Pulled Pork
Homemade Pizza

Week 4
Angel Hair Chicken and Veggies
Ham and Cheese Roll-Ups
One Pan Chicken Dinner
Tenth Anniversary Dinner OUT!

I am so excited for summer's official arrival meaning my daughter will have completed kindergarten and be home for the summer.  That's when it is official for me despite June 21st being another ten days away.

Brother, age 4, requested oranges when asked if he would like something special to eat on his last day of preschool.  He certainly has enjoyed them since then!  Big Sister, age 6, requested a chocolate chip cookie cake for her final day of kindergarten.  I will have to clarify with her if she wants a giant chocolate chip cookie or a cake that has chocolate chips in it.  Do you make anything special at the end of the school year for your children?  I guess food is my way to celebrate...for better or for worse.

We rarely go out to dinner, and the budget has been rather tight this year (and getting extremely tight this summer with the government sequester which has civilians who work for the military working/earning 20% less and very costly plumbing problems).  This means that I am super excited to be able to celebrate dinner out with my husband on our tenth anniversary.  I asked him as I was meal planning and was thrilled to hear that we can go out together to celebrate.  (Quite honestly, I was a bit surprised, too.)

See all of my recipes with more coming all the time!

As always, I'd be happy to share any recipes with you!  Just ask if it's not linked!  I'm linking up to Meal Planning Monday!
~ Annette {This Simple Mom}


  1. Just last night, we once again had your alfredo recipe. It's grown to be a favorite! I used little swirly noodles to mix it up for the boys this time, but I think they like fettuccine better. :)

    I'm thrilled for you that you're eating out for your anniversary! :D

  2. I need to work on doing a monthly meal plan, we kind of sort of have a weekly one. Of course I stink at sticking to it.


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