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Friends often ask me for book recommendations.  (And sometimes they don't even have to ask...)  Recently a couple of conversations led me to ask a few blogging friends for book recommendations, especially for advanced  readers.  It seems especially hard for some parents to find good books for tweens who like to read once they have read all that is written for their age group but are not ready for the romance and other "mature themes" of young adult literature, and even middle school literature.  Another problem is when your five or seven year old is reading chapter books, but you don't want tween drama.
Many minds make light work...and give a much larger list of great books than I could think of on my own.  So I decided to ask some blogging friends for their book recommendations for advanced readers.  I thank each of these friends for sharing some of their most recommended books with my readers and me!

I have only highlighted a couple books from each friend's post.  Go visit their post to learn more of their recommendations!

Bluerose's Heart
Bluerose shared her Reading Suggestions for Young Readers, with better than average books for tweens and teens.  She included books that are unfamiliar to me such as The Owl Keeper and Under a Fairy Moon along with some of my top picks.  Consider investigating her non-fiction choices to read with your older child!

~ Homeschooling Just Next Door and These Grace Filled Days
Dorie has a nice way of categorizing the books so you might know what will interest your child, including separate posts for boys and girls.
Classics and Good Books, Biographies, Book Series, and Picture Books For BOYS with titles like
The Swiss Family Robinson and The War of the Worlds.
Classics and Good Books, Biographies, Book Series, and Picture Books for GIRLS with titles like A Little Princess and Black Beauty.
As a follow up to those two posts, she also wrote a post called How to Get Your Child to Read Good Books.  

Hope is the Word
Amy has two girls who read well above their age levels.  She has already been a great resource for read alouds for our family.   She wrote a post specifically to address Age Appropriate Books for the Precocious Reader.  Her girls are past Little House and The Boxcar Children.  They have moved on to books by Marguerite Henry and Edward Eager, along with The Hardy Boys and more.   Those seeking book ideas for any age will be interested to know that each week Amy also hosts Read-Aloud Thursday where she, and others, share what they are reading.

Reading to Know (which is full of adult and children's book recommendations and my go-to place for book recommendations to make me think)
Carrie shared Early Chapter Books for Tweens.  She heartily recommends Caddie Woodlawn and The Mysterious Benedict Society.

A TIPical Day
Meredith shared Children's Chapter Books for Reading Aloud with many book selections divided by age or grade, including The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and Twenty and Ten.  This book-loving mom enjoys sharing her love with her five children.

This Simple Home (me!)
I shared very easy Introduction Chapter Books for Young Readers.  These books are appropriate for children as young as 3 or 4 as a read aloud or for an independent reader ready for more than just picture books.  Poppleton and Little Bear are some of our favorites.  I also made a lengthy list of Recommended Classic Chapter Books for Young Readers (and a few for older readers, too) including Stuart Little and Little House on the Prairie.

A few books/series mentioned repeatedly: Anne of Green Gables, Narnia, Betsy-Tacy, Caddie Woodlawn, and one new to me is In Grandma's Attic If you are serious about finding some variety for your reader, please visit these other blogs for some great recommendations!  

~ Annette {This Simple Mom}


  1. So many great recommendations, which means lots of pinning for me.
    I really needed the "How to Get Your Child to Read Good Books" for ME! ;)
    Thanks for doing this!

  2. If the In Grandma's Attic is the one I'm thinking of, it's a cute book series. I had a book called that as a kid and LOVED it.

  3. It's a great compilation! What a great idea to put all of these lists and recommendations together. One easy grouping! Thanks for this.


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