What's for Dinner in April

In January we bought a good deal of pork from a neighbor.  I decided then that I wanted to try to make it until March to purchase ANY meat again.  I made it!  During the month of March when ground beef and chicken breasts were on sale, we bought it.  That combined with the meat already in our freezer has me aiming for June before I buy meat again.  This time around, we will allow deli meats to be purchased since Little Sister does eat them with her lunch.

As always, we tend to eat a lot of leftovers, so I don't end up making everything on my menu.  For me, it's just important to have ideas written down in advance.

Now that Tee Ball has begun for Big Sister, it is important for me to have a quick meal or leftovers prepared for those days.  I still use my visual reminder of special events on our kitchen calendar.  

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This Week
Ham and egg wrap
Creamy Ham and Mac
Bacon Ranch Chicken
Week 2
Pot roast
French dip (slow cooker)
Marinated chicken legs
Week 3
Chicken tacos (slow cooker)
Beef and broccoli (doubled)
Week 4 
Three cheese pasta bake
Ranch pork chops (slow cooker)
Ribs (slow cooker)
Treats to Make
Chewy granola bars
Peanut butter chocolate chip banana muffins
Apple cinnamon scones
Chocolate chip cookies
Strawberry jam
~ Annette {This Simple Mom}

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