On-Line Book Club & L.M. Montgomery Reading Challenge

Here at This Simple Home, books are a big part of our home.  We all enjoy reading or being read to.  (That may not be entirely true.  Little Sister enjoys eating books, and not so much looking at them.)  If you have been reading here for long, you know that I enjoy posting about the books I read.  Some are for reviews, while others are just for fun.  (I tend to only pick books to review that I think I will really enjoy.)
This year I will, once again, be joining the Reading to Know Book Club.  Each month we will read a different classic, alternating between adult and children's selections.  You can see all of the selections, including the one I chose for March at Reading to Know.  I actually chose an author and the reader gets to pick the book.  You might even consider reading aloud to your daughters!  My favorite title by this author is Emily of Deep Valley!  (By the way, To Kill a Mockingbird was a close second for my choice.  )  Know that you can choose to read along every month or just the selections that excite you.  To be honest, I didn't blog about every book club book last year, though I did enjoy reading others' posts and comments and commented myself.  The discussion is what makes it fun!

Reading to Know - Book Club
For the month of January, I intend to read a Lucy Maud Montgomery book for the LMM Reading Challenge and Book Club..  My intention is to read Pat of Silver Bush.  I'm looking forward to it, though LMM books tend to take me a long time to read.
L. M. Montgomery Reading Challenge

What will you read this month?  Any reading goals for 2013?

~ Annette {This Simple Mom}


  1. Yay! You're in! :D And I posted the titles out of order. (I fixed that.) Pat of Silver Bush IS first. Mistress Pat second. And I have more confessions to post when I post my reviews of the same myself next week! :D I'm reading the Pat books as well. Almost done!

    So glad that you are playing along! (And I'm laughing about Little Sis enjoying the eating of books more than the reading of them.)

  2. How fun! I'm participating in the Reading to Know book club also. I've had very little exposure to Lucy Maud Montgomery. I was a bit skeptical about her work, but so far, I have been enjoying the book I picked for the club. I am reading "Kilmeny of the Orchard."

  3. I've only read Anne of Green Gables so far. When you mentioned taking longer to read, I remember it taking me a bit longer than normal to read through that book, despite my enjoyment of it.

    I'm looking forward to your thoughts on Pat! :)

  4. I finished the Anne books last year and want to read at least one of the Emily ones. I need to check and see if they have them at the library.

    I am reading Quiet: the Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking. Pretty interesting so far.

  5. Ah, I have yet to finish the Anne books! Though I opted to start The Chronicles of Narnia anyway. Finally, they were all free (children not in process of reading) so I jumped at the chance to start them :-)


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