Baby Friendly Books

Books tend to be a favorite gift to give, especially for children.

I've had the chance to review a few recently published books that are great for young ones, and I wanted to share a few that we have really enjoyed.

Uh-oh! Oh no! written by Ann Hodgman and illustrated by Lucy Barnard, is a nice choice for a baby or toddler.  I like it because it is 1.) big and sturdy 2.) cute- in story and illustrations and most of all 3.) encourages speech.  (This is very important to me...)  As the daddy gives the baby a sippy cup of milk for breakfast, the baby drops it.  This begins a series of "Uh-oh! Oh no!" throughout the book.  It's a great story for everything going wrong at breakfast for children because it is silly-though possible.  The milk splashes the cat.  The cat jumps into a basket.  The basket crashes into the chair, and on the messy story goes.  It is another winner from Tiger Tales!

Bugs in Shoes, by Beth Wilder, is for a bit older of child (though recommended for ages 3-5, I would say 2-4, though younger and older certainly can enjoy it, too).  Bugs in Shoes is a fun to read picture book because of the rhyme and cadence of the story.  The illustrations are bold and cute.  Bugs-who look just like illustrated children with antennae- explore all sorts of clothing.  The bugs are subtle enough that you may find yourself encouraging your children to examine the illustrations to learn how they are actually bugs and not children.  The first few pages begin with...
     Bugs in sneakers
     Bugs in heels
     Bugs in sandals
     Bugs on wheels
Bugs in Shoes ends with all of the illustrations in black and white that can be photocopied and enjoyed.  It also encourages the children to retell the story and to label the illustrations.  It's a fun little book from Schiffer Publishing.

For those expecting babies, Mole's Babies is a great choice to share with the older sibling in preparation of the baby.  Morris and Mini are moles whose babies are coming soon.  Morris attempts to learn from his animal friends what he must do to have happy babies.  Soon he realizes that he isn't good at hopping like the bunnies, flapping like the little birds, or other things the animals seem to do to make their babies happy.  He just doesn't know how to get ready, and Mini encourages him that their babies won't need those things.  Their babies only need LOVE.  I appreciate this tale because our own children really need us more than anything we can purchase for them.  It's a good reminder for us, as parents, that all of our children need our love!  Mole's Babies is another Tiger Tale(s), written by David Bedford and illustrated by Rosalind Beardshaw.  It makes me think back to when I read a book to my older children to share with them that we were expecting Little Sister.

I thank Tiger Tales and Schiffer for providing these picture books for review purposes!
~ Annette {This Simple Mom}

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