June 4, 2012

Welcome, Summer!

Summer is (unofficially) here!  Big Sis wrapped up her preschool year last week and now she's ready to take on the world!  This Simple Home was created with a home and family focus, and with summer's arrival, I am looking forward to time and fun with my family.
With that in mind, I wanted to let you know that some weeks I may not post a lot or visit blogs quite so much.  (If you want all the updates without checking in regularly, feel free to subscribe through e-mail or an RSS feed.)

You can plan on catching up with me at least on Tuesdays this summer.  My friend, Dorie, and I are hosting a fun link-up this summer on Tuesdays from June 19th through August 21st.  Our goal is to create a space where women can meet and have a little fun while getting to know one another. 
We're really excited about this and hope you will consider joining us for our Together on Tuesdays link-up!  (I'll share more in detail next week!)

Happy Summer!!  

~ Annette {This Simple Mom}


  1. That is one adorable pic of the children with the sprinkler. I am looking forward to our Tuesday link-up as well.

  2. I'm currently deciding when and how to take MY summer blogging break and what that needs to look like. (Summer comes a little later here than it does, oh, everywhere else! It's raining and 60 degrees again today!) Anyway. It has to come sometime, RIGHT?!?!

    I like the idea of Together on Tuesdays! I'll look forward to hearing more about that!


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