Five Favorite Easter Picture Books

Easter is on our minds here at This Simple Home.  Your home may be similar.  I will share a bit more tomorrow before our little Easter break about our plans and activities.

In preparation of Easter we like to read books.  (I bet you are surprised there!)  In addition to the Bible, we have a few favorites.  I'll share a few, because that is what I like to do.  :)

The following are books from our shelves that I am very thankful we have
Easter at Our House is a simple book that describes how a  family celebrates Easter with a few traditional fun things combined with worshiping God at church.  I love that the pastor shouts, "Christ is risen!" and it brings cheering and tears.  This is a cute book with a great message and rhyming text, written and illustrated by P.K. Hallinan.

Focusing on Jesus' trimuphant entry instead of his death and resurrection, Little Colt's Palm Sunday is a book we added to the collection last year.  Author Michelle Medlock Adams begins the book with the biblical text from Luke 19:30-36.  It goes on to tell the story of Little Colt and how he came to be the donkey that Jesus rode into Jerusalem.  I really like this book, and how it honors Jesus, and yet is told from Little Colt's perspective.

The Tale of Three Trees is a popular folktale (with many versions) that tells how three different trees had big dreams, but God doesn't fulfill those dreams the way they envision, but all were with Jesus at one time or another.  One tree becomes the manger in which Jesus lay.  Another became the boat in which Jesus calmed the storm.  The last was made into a wooden cross where Jesus saved the world from sin.  We had a board book version of this, but this year a friend gave us the beautifully told and illustrated version by Angela Elwell Hunt.  It is awesome, and appropriate for various ages!

Carol Heyer has written and illustrated the incredible book, The Easter Story explaining why Christians celebrate Easter!  I love how the life of Jesus is sandwiched between an introduction of Eastertime and some of the things that we think of at Easter-most of all, Jesus!  Then it goes on to tell the incredible story of Jesus' life, accompanied by fabulous illustrations.  This is a fabulous book of exploring the death and resurrection of Jesus.  Though it is appropriate for a 3 or 4 year old, even older children would be engaged in this book.  I highly recommend it!

The Very First Easter (cost for individual books is $1.99, but Amazon only had them listed in bulk) was a gift from Big Sis's preschool last year.  This may be Big Sis's favorite Easter book.  It tells of each part of the story of Jesus' life, death, and resurrection.  If you can find this book for two bucks, grab it!  It is very good and shares many of the details leading up to Jesus' death and and resurrection.

We also have a few Easter books that don't mention Jesus.  We enjoy them all, but the ones that help the children understand that Jesus paid the debt for their sins are my favorite!

A book I want to add to our collection someday is The Parable of the Lily by Liz Curtis Higgs.  We have The Parable of the Pumpkin, and I really like how Liz relates to the kids.  (I also happen to like Liz as a speaker and author for adults...)

What are your favorite books for Easter?  Please share in the comments!

~ Annette {This Simple Mom}


  1. I didn't know there was The Parable of the Lily! I bet it's fabulous. We have the Parable of the Pumpkin and the Pine Tree one for Christmas. I like both very much! (They are now out of print. WHAT?!)

    We have and love Little Colt's Palm Sunday and The Tale of Three Trees. Both of them are excellent. I haven't seen the others that you mentioned.

    Great post!

  2. That's interesting, I always put "The Tale of the Three Trees" as a Christmas book in my mind because of the manger. I guess it is an Easter book as well.


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