Clean, Purge, Donate, Record, and Repeat!

One of the reasons I began This Simple Home was to share the progress I make in cleaning and organizing my home.  (I have several posts that I should write addressing what I have accomplished this year...but if you are curious in the meantime you can check out how I organized our coat closet and master bedroom.)
Lots to donate from this mess!
Quite honestly, one of the biggest problems in our home is STUFF.  We are greatly blessed...and it shows with all the STUFF strewn throughout our home.  This year I have made three or four trips to the thrift store to drop off donations, and another box waiting to go.

After we were married for a few years, I began asking for a donation receipt.  The thrift store I donate to always tells me that the amounts are between my accountant and me.  UGH!  Since my husband completes our own taxes each year (thanks to Turbo Tax) this isn't very helpful!  I have just given a really low estimate each time for the donation not wanting to over-estimate the value for taxes.

But not any more!!

Organize Right Now (a great resource for lots of organizing tips) has a list of several resources that answer questions regarding tax donations and deductions.  I found the Donation Value Guide for the Salvation Army and the Donation Value Guide for Goodwill to be the most helpful.  (I actually donate to an independent thrift store in my tiny little town, so all resources are helpful!)

Now I will make a detailed list of each bag or box that I donate so that I can tally up the total tax deduction. Like all important paperwork, it's important to keep track of them.  Some people like to use a file cabinet, but I just keep my donation receipts in our home organizing binder.

Want to know a little secret?  Lea will be offering a giveaway right here for one of her organizing audio downloads!  Be on the lookout for it soon!

If your taxes are already done, keep track of your donations this year!  Spring is a great time to be cleaning out your closet and drawers, too!  Clean.  Purge.  Donate. And remember to RECORD!!

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~ Annette {This Simple Mom}


  1. Yup! I've never asked for receipts until this year. Since we're cleaning out house in a massive way, I've been asking for receipts each time!

  2. Love when people donate to get rid of their things! Good job. Thanks for linking up to my link party.


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