Friday Favorite Five #13

It is so good to record good things. It keeps me focused on the positive which I seem to really need these days.

1. Watching The Princess Bride with my husband.  Even if he agreed to watching it so he could nap, it was still fun and refreshing.  It's been years since I saw it.  (I will not say goodbye to my VHS version until I have a DVD of it!)  I look forward to reading the book some day.  (On a side note, I was amazed at the theme of revenge.  Not only that, but you would think that a good "bonk" on the head would let anyone escape!)
2. Sleep!  Last night Little Sis slept through the night and Brother didn't awaken me either!  Other than the good morning/goodbye to my husband before 5 o'clock, I SLEPT.  This comes after a busy week and wondering about getting through another day.  This also means that I was up and showered before seven without too much dragging of my bottom out of bed. (I had to change one of my favorites to include this one!  I usually write these blessings throughout the week.)
3. French Dip. This week I pulled some leftover French Dip from the freezer.  Oh. My.  It is so good!  (We had two full meals from the leftovers, too.)  Will share the recipe soon because it is also incredibly easy and often better than restaurants.
4. Consignment sale.  Last Saturday I went to the consignment sale at the charter school Big Sis will attend in the fall.  Prices were good, but at the late hour selection wasn't great.  I bought a few items, including a wooden kitchen for the children that is in good shape.
5. Encouragement.   One of my good friends and I had a great phone conversation.  Like usual, we did not stay "on topic."  She really encouraged me in my writing and in this blog, including the choice to start fresh after Live, Learn, Love.  (I should clarify.  I am not an author of books, nor do I intend to be.)  I thoroughly enjoy blogging and have found it to be a great outlet for me.  Not only that, but I also enjoy the writing process.  Though much more editing should be included in that process.  Also this week, I was asked if I would be willing to give suggestions for the children's newsletter at church for BOOKS!  Seriously, I limit my talk of books here at This Simple Home, though I think they are an important part of a home.  I am excited to share great titles with the children.  I already have a list forming!  Feel free to leave suggestions or even email me for authors/children's books for various ages!  My suggestions will include secular and Christian titles.  I am thrilled that a friend recognized me as a resource for books.  Hehe!

Thanks for reading!  Maybe you'll consider writing your favorite things of the week and sharing over at Living to Tell the Story?  Have a nice weekend!


  1. Yay! We have one of the same GREAT blessings. Sleep! :)

    I borrowed The Princess Bride from my sister, so I could finally watch it. Maybe today.

    That's great that you are now recognized as a book resource by church friends. Very fun! :)

  2. I made your Snikcerdoodle blondies last night. SO good! They even made my list today.

    I love the Princess Bride. The book is really good, too, especially after realizing it was a story within a story.

    Sleep can make such a difference in general outlook. A former pastor used to say, "I'm as spiritual as I am rested," and I have found that to be true.

    1. Wow, Barbara. I think your pastor was right on!

      So glad all of you also enjoy TPB movie!

  3. I have never seen or read the Princess Bride. Lol to why your hubby watched it with you.

    Yay for sleep. It's hard to come by sometimes with little ones.

    Encouraging friends are a great blessing. I'm sure you're going to do a wonderful job with recommending books.

  4. Did you husband actually sleep while TPB was on? I've never read the book.
    I want to watch TPB again. It has been years (maybe even a decade) since I've seen it. And so many of my friends and family regularly refer to it. Time to find the movie and laugh.

    French Dip? One word = YUMMMMM.

    What an encouraging opportunity to suggest books for your church newsletter. It is so fun when we get to do "something" with our loves.

    Have a great week.

  5. Oh, I do so love The Princess Bride. And guess what? The book I promised you was returned - CLEAN! So I have it in a stack of books that is awaiting attention.

    SLEEP! Oh blessed children. Glad you got a good night's rest and hopefully Baby Sis is going to keep this up for you!


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