Bacon Ranch Chicken Recipe

I think every woman should have a few recipes that she can make for company. The easier, the better, as long as it is tasty! Bacon ranch chicken is easy and tasty. The family often requests bacon ranch chicken.

This bacon ranch chicken recipe uses a slow cooker which makes it extra easy! Serving it with egg noodles, biscuits, or rice make last minute preparations minimal, which is another bonus, especially with company.

Bacon Ranch Chicken
2+ tablespoons real bacon pieces (or a few pieces of cooked bacon, chopped)
1 teaspoon minced garlic 
1 packet dry ranch mix (or 3 tablespoons homemade ranch mix)
1 can of cream of chicken soup (or homemade cream of chicken soup)
1 cup sour cream
4 +/- boneless, skinless chicken breasts
egg noodles, rice, or biscuits, prepared

Spray slow cooker with cooking spray. Place chicken in slow cooker. Combine bacon, garlic, ranch mix, soup, and sour cream in a bowl. (If you don't have time, just place on top of chicken without mixing first.  Trust me; I've done it.) Cook on low about four hours or until chicken is thoroughly cooked and fork tender.  Break into pieces or shred with forks.  Serve over cooked noodles or biscuits.

Please Note:
~ If you need more time than the four hours, consider using frozen chicken breasts. It is more liquidy, but still tastes great!
~ You can also prepare this in advance, refrigerate, and reheat for meal time. It is still fabulous as leftovers.
~ Once you know that your family loves this recipe, I would recommend making your own ranch mix with the recipe linked above. It's great to have on hand so there are no last minute grocery store runs and no MSG.
~ Four breasts will serve about 6+ adults in this recipe.

Like ranch?  Try Ranch Pork Chops (also in the slow cooker) or Ranch Ham Roll-Ups!


  1. Oh. Yum. YUM! I'm now ravenously hungry - FOR THAT!

    I can't wait to get my slow cooker back. If I had it today, I'd so be making your recipe.

    Instead I shall anticipate it. (That looks so good. Have I mentioned that!?!)

  2. I made this the night it posted and it's great! My hubby thinks it would be fantastic over biscuits. :)

  3. This is in my Crockpot right now. You can also buy a jar of hidden valley ranch mix.

    1. Just finished dinner, and this was really yummy. Thanks for a great recipe!!

  4. I love slow cooker meals! This looks yum. I definitely need to get me a few staples so I can try this!


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