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You have found my new little home on the web.  Each time you visit, you will get to know more about my life, family, and home.  

After blogging for years at Live, Learn, Love I knew I wanted to keep blogging, but I was determined to find a bit more focus...and an easy to remember blog address.  So This Simple Home was born.  This Simple Home will focus on the different areas of the home.  I will share what has worked for me to clean and organize since it is an area I struggle with daily.  I tend to cook the same recipes repeatedly, but I do try new ones, too-especially desserts!  I will share with you some recipes that we have really enjoyed.  My perspective, as a mom and wife, may be a bit different than yours, but it is unashamedly focused on Jesus, and that will be reflected here.  In addition to home and family, I will also share my love of books (adult and children's) and children's activities and crafts for them and me. 

I learn much from my friends in real life, as well as the blogging world.  As a teen, I lived with my bachelor father.  During the years I should have been learning to clean, organize, and cook...I didn't.  (But I did learn other valuable things.  I even helped my dad paint my first car!)  I am ever grateful for what I have learned about homemaking and serving my family.  It is not natural for many of us, but we can still do it.  
Our home is in rural southeastern Pennsylvania, with many Amish farms within a mile of our home.  We love country life, though we certainly have plenty of towns (including Lancaster, PA) and Philadelphia and Baltimore both within a relatively short drive from home.  (We rarely take advantage...and I may, um, avoid them!)

My husband, Derek, and I married in 2003.  Back then I was an elementary school teacher.  I loved teaching, but have embraced being a stay-at-home-mom since our oldest was born in 2006.  Below is a picture from fall 2010 of Derek and me.
We have three children.  You'll be hearing much more about them.  I spend my days with them for the most part.  The oldest, Big Sis, born in 2006; my son, Brother, born in 2008; and Little Sis, was born in 2011.  Life is a bit crazy, and often chaotic, so when I can keep it simple, I do!

My name is Annette.  I look forward to sharing This Simple Home with you.  


  1. I LOVE this!!!! It is so refreshing! I can't wait to read more! I have been striving for "simplicity" lately too! Great job!


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