Friday Favorite Five #4

I began the new year joining the Friday Fave Five when I was writing for Live, Learn, Love.  I want to do it here, too, because it give me the opportunity to consider a few things I am thankful for and letting readers get to know a bit more about me, too.  I decided to continue the numbering of the posts here by beginning where I left off.

1. A quiet afternoon.  Despite the Big Kids being awake during rest time, they are quietly playing upstairs.  I needed this.  Despite the improvements with Little Sis, it's still not easy.  From where we have come from though, this IS easy.  I should not complain!

2. Anticipation of a big weekend.  We will have friends over to visit.  Big Sis will have a special play date-without me.  Our church will also be dedicating the new portion of the building and sanctuary.  (Oh, and this is after seeing an old high school friend for the first time since 1994.  Ahem.  I really appreciate friendship and fellowship!)

3. Girl time.  Big Sis,  my 5 year old, and I had our hair cut on Wednesday.  My hair is its typical bob, but Big Sis had a few inches cut off and LAYERS!  They are long layers, but it is a first.  Probably most would not even notice the layers.  Her hair looks so much more healthy!  (I haven't taken a picture yet...)

4. The debut of This Simple Home after blogging at Live, Learn, Love for 2 1/2 years.  Thank you for reading!  Writing here is bringing new joy to that I didn't even know was missing, but the new focus is just what I needed.  It has also been great fun emailing the friend who made the header back and forth.  (I just adore the new header, too, though I was fussing with it today...and it's now the wrong size.)

5. Sharing the fun.  I guess with this I am thinking of two (although related) things.  I really appreciate the Reading to Know Book Club and this month's very challenging, yet very good book Beyond Opinion.  (Book review will come soon, I hope!  Being part of the book club really helped me to persevere through this book!)  Along those same lines, Carrie (host of the book club) has a new blog.  I love reading her thoughts on more than just books Living Like a Narnian.

So there you have it-just a few favorite things this week.  You can join the fun whenever you like over at Living to Tell the Story or just to read others' favorites.


  1. Your new header is adorable. Sounds like you made a good choice in migrating to a new blog with a more defined focus. I look forward to reading more.

    BTW - I LOVE the hand/footprint towel.

    What fun-filled events you have planned for the weekend. Big Sis is growing UP!

    Too many times I underappreciate the role friendship/fellowship has in making my life rich. Thanks for the reminder of its importance. I am off to write a card to a friend I haven't contacted in too long.

  2. You are lucky to have a sister who cuts your hair ! I have to go to the hairdresser all 6 weeks !

  3. Oops...I just added clarification. Big Sis is my 5 year old daughter!

  4. I always enjoy finding new blogs to read. Great list of favorites!

    Now I'm off to explore those book links.

  5. =) Thanks for the linky love!

    I can't wait to see M's hair!!!

    I had several good intentions to participate in this again this weekend. But today sort of crumbled. Next week.

  6. Quiet times in the afternoons, I think, are needed by both kids and moms! So glad you were able to have one.

    A new hair cut always feels so good. Enjoy your weekend!

  7. When my kids got too old for naps. we still had quiet time in the afternoons. I don't know if they needed it, but I sure did. :-)

    Hope everything goes well with your big weekend!

  8. Your blog looks great! I hope the weekend is going well, and the dedication ceremony is well attended.

    How nice that you and your big girl had some special time together. She must be excited with her new, sophisticated haircut!

    I wish you a wonderful week ahead.

  9. nice blog! I had a new bob cut this past week too...but AFTER i posted my's nothing like a new cut and color to give me a sound like you have young children so you probably don't need to color your hair yet! :) great list of faves!!


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