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Teaching excites some of us. Since I am no longer a classroom teacher by profession, I look for opportunities to teach. One way I teach is through writing and volunteering. But I also get to teach through school visits. On my blog Little House Companion, I shared about Laura Ingalls Wilder beyond her Little House years. As you might be able to tell from the photographs, Sharing about Laura Ingalls Wilder's adult life was lots of fun. Then I had the chance to get a group of first graders excited about writing nonfiction. It was a fun nonfiction author school visit!
These first graders were nonfiction authors themselves, so I began by talking about authors and nonfiction writing.
We talked about how to go from an idea to a published book. Though first graders don't edit to the extent a fifth or eleventh grader does, it's still important for them to understand the proofreading process. This particular school uses the acronym of PUFF in kindergarten and first grade. It works!
I also went on to talk about the publishing process. It excited them to understand the similarities between their published books and mine. The first graders even had a sneak-peak of my book (affiliate link) about to be released!

The first graders' teachers really had these kids prepared for nonfiction. Based on their comments, I think my school visit excited them to write more of their own nonfiction, too!

I'm now booking presentations for the 2016-2017 school year. This school year I am limited to parts of Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Delaware. Learn more about my pioneer workshops and nonfiction author visits at my website.

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~ Annette
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