Parenting: Not What I Expected

After all that rain and cool temperatures, it’s finally feeling like summer! School is nearly out!

My three children will be home with me all summer. We’re looking forward to swim lessons, overnight family camp, and a new week of science and engineering camp taught by a friend and me. I'm also going to a writing conference for a week. And lots of relaxing and down time. I don't look forward to every bit of summer though.

Please keep reading for a bit of an announcement, too!
Big Sister enjoyed the water last summer.
Last summer, I realized just how hard down time can be for the children and me. My children like to be entertained. They do play by themselves for a while, but eventually the bickering begins. With three children, this may be inevitable, but I know it’s more frequent in this home than in many others.What's worse is the direct disobedience. This all drives me crazy. I respond. And not with grace and love.

My sister gave me an early birthday present. It’s called Triggers: Exchanging Parents' Angry Reactions for Gentle Biblical Responses (affiliate link). I’m less than ten chapters (of thirty-one) into the book, but I am amazed at how it speaks to my heart. When I dreamed of having children, I had no idea I would act the way I do: angrily. If you yell and complain more than you ever expected, you might like the book, too. One warning: It is written for a Christian audience, as I'm sure you could guess from the title, so it may not be for every mom out there. I appreciate every word in it. HIGHLY recommend. Thank you, Shonda, for recommending it.

I’m reading one chapter a day. It’s already affecting me in surprising ways, so I’m sharing it with you now.
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~ Annette
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