4 Ways to Use Resurrection Eggs

Resurrection eggs use plastic eggs and small objects to tell the Easter story. A dozen eggs are filled with different objects. Each object acts as a reminder of one part of Jesus' story. Below are three ways to use resurrection eggs. 

Make Resurrection Eggs Together

Older children will appreciate the process of making a set of resurrection eggs. Use a marker or stickers to number the eggs. Have the child look up the Bible verses. Maybe they'll find a different object to represent the verse!

Introduce Resurrection Eggs One Egg at a Time

Some people like to take twelve days to teach the Easter story. They would begin twelve days before Easter and open one egg each day with a child. This allows for more focus on each of the twelve parts to Jesus' story. Before introducing the new resurrection egg and object each day, be certain to review the previous parts of the story.

Introduce Resurrection Eggs All at Once

Others like to introduce the resurrection eggs as a "kit" which explains the death and resurrection of Jesus. I would suggest doing this one to two weeks before Easter. Be sure to review it often and let the child take the lead when able.

Introduce Resurrection Eggs with an Easter Egg Hunt

Especially for older children who are familiar with Jesus' story and resurrection eggs, you might enjoy challenging them to a scavenger hunt or Easter egg hunt. Consider mixing the order of the eggs and see if they can place the eggs in correct chronological order. 
Every spring, our homemade resurrection eggs are the most popular post on this blog. It excites me that others are looking for a simple way to teach children about the death and resurrection of Jesus at Easter. Of course, you can also buy them and the book Benjamin's Box to go with it. (Affiliate links.)

You might also like to explore resurrection rolls for an edible object lesson. It's an excellent way to wrap up Easter activities. See more of our crafts, too!

~ Annette
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