Vocabulary Parade Costumes

Each year our school asks the children to enrich their vocabulary by creating a vocabulary parade costume. Then the children walk around the hallways checking out others' costumes. Some costumes are truly clever!

Students in grades K-2 make the vocabulary parade costumes at home with parental guidance. The older students take in supplies and create their costumes at school. I must admit it's a challenge to guide the children without taking over at home.

My first grade son chose the ever-popular word "camouflage" for his robust vocab word. His poster may be hard to read, but that's the point!
My third grader loves cats. She made a litter of kittens for her vocab parade costume at school. Yes, those are hand-made kitties on the right side of the box.
My friend shared her son's clever costume for the word "Monopoly." He rocks the mustache and tuxedo shirt!
This is a photo of her sons from a past year. I really like how they included the definitions right on the signs.
More Vocabulary Parade Ideas
Load- (kindergarten) A full load of ___ placed in a shoe box. We crumpled paper to make "rocks."
Babysit- (kindergarten) Have child "sit" on a doll baby.
Soak- (1st grade) Secure a sponge to a hat. Create "water drops" from paper and hang around the hat.
Anonymous- (2nd grade) Use a book with a specially designed cover with a big question mark for the author's name or cover the child's face with a mask.

~ Annette
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  1. I love it! My kids would go nuts for this activity.

  2. huh! I've never heard of such an activity. Their ideas are cute and clever!


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