Christmas Books for Children

With December's arrival, it's time to prepare our hearts and minds for Christmas. We may not have our Christmas tree yet, but we're already pausing to consider the joy of Christmas. For the past seven or so years, I've been collecting Christmas books for children. Some are funny. Some are serious. Some are classics. (Used book stores are a great resource for Christmas books! So is your local library.) All contribute to a favorite family tradition.

To enjoy our favorite Christmas books slowly, I would give one (or more) books to the children each day. Some people wrap the books, but I have a decorative box with a bow that I place books in for the children to open. Until now.
Children's Christmas Books in Basket for December
Today I decided to make it a little easier for me this year. I dug out our wicker laundry basket and placed all of our Christmas titles in it.

Our family's focus is on the birth of Christ. We read from the Bible and use our Little People nativity set. We have a homemade Jesse Tree.  Many of our Christmas books discuss the birth of Jesus (some more accurately than others) and some have Santa in them or just cute mice.

Compare this year's basket to the one we used a few years ago when I first shared about reading a Christmas book daily in December.

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  1. We did it the easy way, too! :) I thought really hard about wrapping them this year(finally), but so many of our Christmas books are treasuries, so that made it harder. We ended up putting them in a red container by the Christmas tree, and the boys were excited, anyway.

    1. We did this same thing when our kids were younger. We all loved it! Am loving your blog and all the tips and advice. Have a wonderful Christmas! Renee'

  2. I wrapped again! But this year I didn't try to coordinate teh reads with activities. I put them all into some bags and, depending on how much time we have on any given day, I sent 1-4 children to pick out whichever book they like and we read according to what works for us, no additional plans attached. (And I'm also limiting our activities this year to keep us more home-focused which makes it more low key for ME.) :)

    LOVE traditions! Christmas books for kids being among them....


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