DIY Statue of Liberty Costume

Big Sister loved the Statue of Liberty before she saw it in person. The summer when she was 4 and Brother was 2 (and Little Sister was nearly here), we took the kids into New York City. Though we did not visit Ellis Island or Liberty Island, we made sure to see the Statue of Liberty from a ferry. Using the foam crown we bought as a souvenir, we created a homemade Statue of Liberty costume for Big Sister. 
Using her knowledge, mostly gleaned a great easy-reader book titled, The Statue of Liberty, Big Sister helped me decided what would be important for a DIY Statue of Liberty costume. Here is how we implemented it.

Homemade Statue of Liberty Costume

Crown Costume

As stated, we used a foam crown we purchased in NYC. You can easily purchase them online, too. (Affiliate link.) Because these are made for all ages, we used a rubberband to make the circumference of the crown fit her head better.

Torch Costume

The torch is held high in the Statue of Liberty's right hand. We used a flashlight to create a torch, which is especially good for walking along our neighborhood's dark roads (with no sidewalks). Green paper was taped to the shaft of the flashlight. We created "flames" using red and orange paper around the top of the flashlight. If interested, you can purchase a Statue of Liberty torch for your costume. (Affiliate link.)

Tablet Costume

Using the more of the same green paper we used on the costume torch, we covered a hardback picture book with green paper. (Cardboard would also work well.) On it, we wrote, "July IV MDCCLXXVI" which uses Roman numerals to write July 4, 1776-the date of America's independence. The tablet is held in the left arm.

Dress/Robe Costume

To complete the costume, we used about two yards of green fabric on my four-year-old to create the Statue of Liberty dress costume. We tied the fabric to Big Sister, toga-style. Holding one corner of fabric on her shoulder, the fabric wrapped around her body, going under the left arm, around the back, under the right arm, and back to the shoulder to tie it. It stayed in place well. I would suspect an adult would need about four yards of fabric.
As you can see, Big Sister took pride in her costume and her Statue of Liberty knowledge.  
I would also suggest using the National Parks Service's website as a resource for information about Lady Liberty in addition to a good book or two.

Have you created any homemade historical Halloween/dress-up costumes like our Statue of Liberty?

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~ Annette
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