Science and Engineering Camp

My good friend and I spent a week co-teaching Science and Engineering Camp through a local summer camp. It was incredible.

Preparing for camp together was fun for us. We're both experienced teachers and enjoy researching fun ideas we want to teach. We both brought our ideas and research to a couple of meetings as we planned what a week of Science and Engineering Camp would be.
Science and Engineering Camp for Kids
Suspension bridge made with straws and thread holding a heavy load of pennies

Science camp lasted from 9-1 for just five days. That time included a snack and lunch break so we had to make sure we used the time well. To help the children get the most out of the camp, we planned a scientific theme and related activities for each day.

Experimenting to see what materials and package
will protect an egg when dropped
Property of Materials
Roller Coasters

We planned for three activities related to each day's theme. The children progressively demonstrated more and more understanding and independence as we challenged them throughout the day. The structure of the days set the children up for success.

The children were amazing. They remembered the key concepts and vocabulary from day to day. (Much was repetitive.) They applied what they learned in earlier activities to the activity at hand. The children learned science is interested and they really are capable of thinking and building like an engineer.

The feedback from the staff, parents, and campers was encouraging. We're already thinking about what we'll do next year. Visit my website to find out more about my science and pioneer programs.

~ Annette
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  1. It sounds like you had a great time teaching this! Glad you were able to do it!


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