Signs of Spring

The month of April has been busy. I thought I'd share some signs of spring we've observed around our home as a little recap of the month. We had one surprise, in particular, that thrilled the whole family.
Little Sister collected worms and dandelions.

Aunt Amy came for a visit and gave the children kites.

Little League has begun for both Brother and Big Sister.
We had our first family campfire of the season.
Easter morning with family.
Cottontail bunnies in their nest.
Cottontail bunnies found in our yard.
When my husband mowed the yard for the first time, he was curious about the fur that went flying. Upon closer examination, he found a nest of cottontail bunnies. Since then, we've all been so curious. We've learned more about cottontails, too. Since they are born with their eyes closed and without fur, we suspect these will be leaving the shallow nest soon to live on their own. We haven't seen their mother yet. She only has to nurse her young twice a day!

I'm proud of my children and their self-control. They obeyed us in not disturbing the nest. However, they were gone after a few days. The fur which had been covering the nest was disturbed, so it was obvious. We didn't touch them, but we all think they are adorable...even if the mother rabbit can have about 25 babies a year.
Robin's egg found yesterday in the new nest in a bush. (Most robins lay 3-4 eggs at a time.)
What have you noticed as a sign of spring this year?

You might also be interested in our plastic bag kites for instant giggles.

~ Annette
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  1. How precious! I don't think my boys could have kept their hands off those little bunnies. ;) Since people must think of our house as a drop off spot for cats, we have lots of kittens around right now, so that's our biggest sign of spring. (working on stopping the kitten making, but most of them are wild) I'm glad they don't have 25 a year like bunnies! (I didn't know they had that many.)

  2. Oh we had some fun with bunnies a few years back. Yes! They are SO adorable and a thrill for any little kid especially. My kids still talk about the time we had the bunnies. :) They are super cute and lots of fun to observe.


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