5 Reasons to Cut a Child's Hair Short

At some point in every parent's journey, they decide it's time for that first haircut. For some, especially parents of boys, this may take place within days or months of the baby's birth. The first hair cut may be months or years later.
cut your child's hair short
Whether it's the first haircut or the twenty-fourth, there are some great reasons to cut a child's hair short. 
1. Fewer tangles. This may be the biggest reason of all to cut hair short. Wind and food keep hair in constant tangles in our home.
2. Easy hair care. It's easier to wash and comb. With short hair, a child can care for their hair at a younger age.
3. Healthy hair. Split ends are never attractive.
4. Give to others. If you have 8-12 inches of hair, you can donate it to organizations who help cancer patients. (We only had 8 inches, so we donated with Pantene's Beautiful Lengths program.)
5. Cuteness factor. 
5 reasons to cut your child's hair short.

With our three children, we opted at different times to cut their hair short.

Our oldest daughter had a six-inch tail removed when she was 15 months old. She had regular trims and inches cut from her long hair regularly until she donated 8 inches when she was 5 1/2.

Our son had three haircuts by the time he was six months old. At one point, his hair was so thick and puffy he looked like Elvis. Not ideal, so it went short.

Our youngest daughter has been asking to get her hair cut short. She had her hair cut before, but it was constantly getting in her food, even when it was pulled back. When we realized it was long enough to donate, we decided to not wait.

Do you like long or short hair for yourself? Your children?

(Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. Just sharing because I care.)

~ Annette
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  1. Getting a giggle out of your son looking like Elvis. :D

    I prefer long hair, even though there ARE tangles to deal with. That's because my mom used to cut my hair as short as a boys and I always had to play the part of the boy when I was playing with my friends. They had long hair and so they got to be the princess and I had to be the prince or something. I vowed that if I had a girl, I'd take the trouble to brush her hair and let it be long! (And an easy out is a braid.) Anyway, that's my experience and why my girls will have long hair (until they are old enough to decide for themselves how they want it to look).


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