What Are You Waiting For?

Time. There's never enough of it. Parents may think they waste a lot of time waiting.

When the children are babies, parents adjust schedules to allow for diaper blow-outs, long burping sessions, and clothing changes.

As the babies get a little older, the toddlers take over the role of feeding themselves. Parents now walk holding the toddler's hand instead of carrying him. These both take longer, but it's part of growing up. Letting a three-year-old dress herself? Torture!

Around the age of two or three, that toddler wants to be a big kid. With independence, he wants to Do. Everything. Himself. It takes time to learn.

When a child gets their first lace-up shoes, they need extra time to tie their shoes.

School-age children get dressed in clothing for the wrong seasons and waste time changing their clothes.

Teens may take obscene amounts of time in the bathroom. I hope when I have teenage girls that big hairstyles are not the fad.

Next parents wait for the college loans to be paid in full...

Tell me, experienced moms, does this ever stop?

Last night my three-year-old refused any help preparing for bedtime. My husband took a shower in less time than it took Little Sister to use the bathroom and put on her pajamas. And we hadn't even read a book or her Bible yet. (We like this children's Bible by the way. She vomited on a copy of it last summer because she sleeps with it. We have since replaced it.)

Little Sister wants to do everything herself. Except cleaning up toys. Now that she wants assistance.

Parents wait for their kids to roll over, talk, eat table food. Then we wish for them to be little again.  Whether we are waiting on potty training or for the hormone-crazed years to stop, let's just appreciate the season we are in.

"For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven."  ~Ecclesiastes 3:1
Some are just waiting. Wait for a baby's arrival. Approval for adoption. Return of the prodigal child.

Let's enjoy the blessings of today as we wait on the big and little things. Even if we have to look hard to find them.

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~ Annette
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