Snow Day Activities

It's a snow day here at This Simple Home. In the past three hours, our children have been busy on their own. Sometimes I choose or even plan activities for the children and me. Other times, like this morning, we're more relaxed.

It's the first time we've had a decent amount of snow this year, possibly 3-4 inches. Even my husband had a four-hour delay for his work.

Before breakfast, the children played in the snow. They were all outside around seven o'clock.

For breakfast, I made french toast. It's become a tradition to have it when the children have a delay or school closing.

Big Sister cozied up with a book. (Do you recognize it? It's a good one from my list of Books for Middle-Grade Boys. Yes, she's a second-grade girl, but she's a bit advanced. It's delightful, adventurous, and clean. The content is totally appropriate for an 8-year-old. It's book 2 in The Mysterious Benedict Society series. I just found out you can get the four-book set -affiliate link- in hard/paperback. Definitely worth owning.)

While she did that, Brother and Little Sister began building with LEGOs. It wasn't too long before Big Sister joined them. Even the three-year-old builds real creations with the tiny bricks. Sometimes we even pull out or LEGO game called Creationary when we have game night. (It's for older kids and adults, but we skip the rules and just enjoy the challenge of the game.)
We had some hot chocolate and apple slices for a snack.

It's been an enjoyable morning.

Are you an intentional parent? I enjoyed this morning. I was intentional not to waste the morning by turning on the television, but I let the children lead as they chose how to take advantage of the snow day. Just trying to keep it simple.

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~ Annette
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  1. Sounds like a fun day! I was always big on not always planning what the kids should do but letting them find ways to entertain themselves some times. It's an important skill to have.

    1. I don't mind them entertaining themselves, but it's more about me planning things to take advantage of our unexpected time together...instead of letting it be just another boring day. :)

  2. I let my children lead the way this morning with their time. My middle child peed in the "rain bucket". (Our upstairs bathroom is leaking). I decided to finish mopping before dumping it out, which turns out to be my mistake.) My youngest took his clothes and diaper off and wiped poo all over one of the beds and in the stairs carpet. My oldest took my bunny(given to me when I was still in the hospital as a newborn), dunked it in the pee(rain bucket) and proceeded to "clean" my bedroom door(which is when I walked by and saw them). The other two were "cleaning" with paintbrushes. ;P I really DO enjoy seeing how they choose to spend their time sometimes, though. :)


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