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I'm busy this week gearing up for a houseful of family (if the possible snow doesn't stop them) to celebrate Thanksgiving. In the meantime, I'm taking advantage of my children's half days at school combined with beautiful weather today. [Edited: The weather will be warm but incredibly windy. We may need photos taken inside.]

I hope to capture a beautiful photo of my children for our Christmas card. Wish me luck!

Are you planning for Christmas yet? A little planning goes a long way!
Photo Christmas Card Alternatives: What to do when you cannot get a nice picture of your family.
Preparing Christmas Cards: Several ideas to prepare now for Christmas cards without actually putting them together yet.
Alternative Gift Giving: Give more time of yourself and experiences instead of more "stuff."
Christmas Gift Planning: Plan now for giving later.
Children's Christmas Letter Printable: Use a simple form letter to find out what the children really want for Christmas this year.
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~ Annette
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  1. One this is for sure, planning is the key to a less stressful holiday.

  2. I've got some Christmas shopping done! That's exciting to me.

  3. Such helpful tips Annette. I can see the chaotic and stress coming from thanksgiving and I think we should make christmas more at ease. Since the holidays are supposed to be about being together after all. :)

  4. I have some shopping done, but not much else :/

  5. I usually don't really plan or get into the Christmas mode until Thanksgiving is over. I have very little in the planning stage done right now - just a few ideas in my head. You have some great tips here for me to use. Thank you. Cathy


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