It's been a busy time of cleaning around here. We had to move some furniture, clean up from the sanding I mentioned, and more. The blog may be a little quiet until after Thanksgiving.
This was part of the rearranging we did. We moved the bookcase because it was covering a vent. I also decided I needed less children's books on it.
Will you shop on Black Friday? Small business Saturday? Cyber Monday? Thanksgiving?

I will not shop on Thanksgiving, as I want to be with my family. More than that, I want workers to be home with their families. I was chatting with a Walmart employee recently. She has to work from 1-8 on Thanksgiving which means she misses both the mid-day and evening meal. When my mother-in-law worked in retail, she was not allowed to take a vacation day on Black Friday.  I'm not sure when I will be shopping next week, but I suspect I will be doing some on-line shopping at the very least. I'd like to head out on Saturday to support locally, but that may not be able to happen.

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~ Annette
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