October Blessings

I'm sitting on the corner of our living room, on our love seat as I type. The children are in bed. My husband will be home in another half hour or so. The scent of gingerbread comes from my oven. And I realize that tomorrow October begins. (I write and schedule posts in advance.)

I've always enjoyed the beauty of autumn. Somehow, it's been even better in recent years. All of my children had due dates during October. I certainly anticipated October those years.

"I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers." ~ Anne Shirley

Do you agree? I do!

October may be a busy time for our family, but it's still delightful to be immersed in God's creation. The photo above was taken on a walk when we were visiting family in northeastern Pennsylvania in 2010. It's right by the home of my husband's grandparents, and in the same county (and school district) where I grew up.

This magnificent view of bright, autumn foliage with an inch or more of snow was taken from my front door. Little Sister had just come home from the hospital so I wasn't up for sledding with my husband and older children, but they had a blast.

What does October mean to you?

~ Annette
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  1. October is one of my favorite months also. I love the beauty and peace that this month brings each year.

  2. Oh wow! Those pictures are gorgeous! I've always lived below the Mason-Dixon Line so our trees never get that beautiful unless you're in the mountains. That October quote is also one of my favorites!

  3. What are these fall colors of which you speak? October means violent shifts in weather patterns with swings from 90s to 60s in the matter of hours. So not fun.

  4. Beautiful colors, cooler temperatures, and for us, a respite between "birthday season" (July-September is when most of our family members have birthdays) and the rest of the holiday season (Thanksgiving and Christmas).

  5. It's my kiddos birthday and that is what it means to me. Great times.

  6. Candy pumpkins, the smell of the cool breeze, chocolate (oh wait. That's every season's food.), fuzzy socks, corn on the cob. All of these are my favorite things. :)

    I, too, schedule posts in advance. AND Jonathan got me the printable of this Anne quote (that I had shown on my blog) and it is now hanging on my wall. That was his October 1st treat to me! I LOVE it!


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