Organized Dresser Drawers

Each of our children have their own dresser. In each dresser is an "underwear drawer." Of course, this provides a catch-all place to put underwear, socks, undershirts, bathing suits, and pajamas. Big Sister's drawer needed some significant help.

It seemed each day she couldn't find a pair of socks despite the fact that I bought her new socks this summer. Her drawer was in need of some simple organization.
We removed everything from the drawer. With Big Sister's help, we placed like items together.

Using shallow shoe boxes, we created three zones for her sock drawer.

On the left- Socks and stockings
Middle- Undershirts, bathing suits, and underwear
On the right- Pajamas
The drawer actually looked extra tidy before my daughter realized her underwear was showing.  She quickly grabbed her bathing suits and placed them on top.

Since we first organized the dresser drawer, we determined that she has enough pajamas to warrant their own drawer.  This opens up the right side of her drawer for belts and other little accessories.

The best part is Big Sister can maintain the drawer herself. She puts away her own clothes most of the time, and she can find what she needs without wrecking the drawer. It was a simple ten minute organizational fix.

~ Annette
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  1. I've considered doing this for my kids' drawers too.

  2. I try to keep my family's drawers organized but you know how it is: they mess everything up just looking for the one item that they HAVE to wear that day.

  3. Love this idea... inexpensive, yet does the job. I am all for organization, and the one place that needs it are my own drawers. I fold all my husbands laundry, and his sock drawers look great....mine on the other hand are thrown together... thanks for the tip

  4. I have some shallow baskets for my girls to separate socks and underwear in their drawers. Unfortunately, it never stays very organized! I need to teach them to do it themselves now!


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