Literature-Based Play

I hope readers understand I value children's literature.  Not only do I enjoy reading to and with my children, I have also created some children's crafts and activities to do with them.  This summer I even created a mini literature unit (and here) for my oldest child to do with a great children's chapter book.

When I learned about a new company called Ivy Kids, I was instantly intrigued.  Four and five years ago (before Little Sister's arrival), I had a lot more time to come up with ideas and create activities to do with Big Sister and Brother as shown in what I blogged about back then.

Ivy Kits provide parents with a pre-made, literature-based activities and crafts for children ages 3-8.  Our Ivy Kit arrived quickly and the box was stuffed full.  In addition to the Jump, Frog, Jump! book, a doorknob hanger, bookmark, and more than ten activities, organized in large zippered bags were included.  The Ivy Kit included everything to complete the crafts including directions, materials, glue, and safety scissors.

The children and I exclaimed over all the goodies in the box as we explored the Ivy Kit upon arrival.  I think we were all impressed with the variety of fun the box provided.  While some activities/crafts would need lots of guidance for my nearly 3 year old, those would be great for my five and seven year old children.  Others wouldn't challenge our bright almost 8 year old academically, but still provide review and fun.  Each activity's directions include Little Ivy (3-5 years) and Junior Ivy (5-8 years) tips so parents can target their child's specific age.

In the photo below, Little Sister made her frogs Letter Jump.  We played together, and then she had fun playing by herself.

Ivy Kits provide parents and caregivers fun activities for children with no prep, while providing foundations in more than just letters and numbers.  My kit also provided fine and gross motor skill activities, simple crafts, science, story telling, and music.  Every kit also includes a copy of the book the month's theme surrounds.

Ivy Kits are ideal for parents and caregivers who...

  • desire to enrich their children's lives while playing with them.
  • appreciate children's picture books.
  • do not feel "crafty" or like a teacher, but still want to engage children.
  • have limited time to create activities.
  • understand children learn through playing.
The Ivy Kits contain so much stuff, that we have not completed all of the activities yet though it arrived in June.  My intention is to use it with my youngest daughter as a way to engage her in some preschool activities after her siblings return to school next week.  Some of the activities are consumable, but about half of them are activities that we will return to time and time again.

I feel I can definitely recommend Ivy Kits.  Though the kits are recommended for ages 3-8, the target age, in my opinion, are closer to 3-6, but my oldest (rather advanced child) still wanted to participate in everything we did and had fun doing it.  If the cost is a concern, I truly think you could stretch kits to be used for longer than just one month with younger children.  Also, new subscribers receive 20% off their first kit until August 31 (along with a free gift and personalized item).  Use the coupon code available at the site.

Ivy-Kids allows you to choose different subscription plans with one, three, or six month commitments.  The more months you subscribe, the more you can save.  As I looked at September's Kit of the Month, I really appreciated how different the activities were from my kit (from June).

I do not have any concerns about the kit I received.  I appreciate the varied activities related to the frog theme in Jump, Frog, Jump! (affiliate link) I suspect parents and caregivers would like to see more than just one month's activities and book before subscribing, but this is a very young company.  Their shop does provide a way to see and purchase past kits, but I didn't notice it at first.

Thank you, Ivy-Kids for providing an Ivy Kit for review purposes.  Our family will enjoy it a lot!

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase through an affiliate link, I earn a small percentage at no cost to you. Thank you!
~ Annette

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  1. This seems great, anything that encourages learning and as early as possible is awesome to me. Nice share!

  2. (I don't know if my first comment went through.)

    This sounds really intriguing! I'm going to look up their company and see what they have....being a very non-crafty person myself!

  3. Now why didn't I think of this?!?! Sounds like it might be just the thing for my 4 year old!


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