A Mouse Called Wolf Enrichment and Extension Activities {Free Printable}

Last month I shared with readers the great book A Mouse Called Wolf and the critical thinking questions I created for my daughter.  Today I want to share suggestions for enrichment and extension activities for A Mouse Called Wolf.  I am not a homeschooler and no longer have my own classroom, but it's still important to inspire and teach my children.  It takes a bit of time and effort, but it's always worth it, especially during summer months.  

A Mouse Called Wolf is a well-written classic about a mouse who has wonderful musical abilities and his special relationship with a lonely, elderly woman.  Author Dick King-Smith is better known for his book Babe: The Gallant Pig which inspired a movie.  This post includes affiliate links to Amazon.  If you make a purchase through these Amazon links, I make a tiny percentage of profit at no additional cost to you.  The book activities included here are provided to you for free.

The activities suggested include language arts, music, Bible, life skills, and more.  Just as we did not complete every activity, you can pick and choose activities, too. (The Bible topics are few. If you are a public-school teacher or a parent who doesn't wish to involve that, just skip it!)

If your child has never created a dictionary, I highly recommend it.  We have not sewn our finger puppets yet, but my daughter is eager to do so.  We have already chosen the felt she will use.  She wants to create several finger puppets in different colors.  I intend to write a new blog post when she does.
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Let me know if you have any problems with them or suggestions for improvement.
~ Annette
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