Summer Apothecary Jar: Red, White, & Blue

As a person who decorates minimally, even for holidays, I find my simple apothecary jar to be an effortless way to have seasonal decorations without overwhelming me.  During the first week of July, I finally created my simple patriotic apothecary jar using beans.

I began with red kidney beans.  Since my apothecary jar has a funky bottom, it requires some extra beans in the bottom.  Then I layered white beans and black beans to create my red, white, and "blue" patriotic apothecary jar.

As I layer the beans in the jar, I shake the jar side-to-side a bit to keep the beans level.  I place a small cat food can on top of the red beans before adding the white beans.  It provides an easy way to extend your filler.
 Our apothecary jar sits on our sofa table along with our clock and some old books, one being from the 1800's.  I wonder if I should change my books to be red, white, and blue, too.  Hmm...
I like the simplicity of the beans in my apothecary jar as our new summer look.  During the fall and winter, I really like my pinecone and acorn apothecary jar.  At that link I also have a tip to keep your jars mold-free.

I currently have a maroon ribbon layered with a hemp bow on my jar.  What would look even better as an accent?  

~ Annette
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  1. This is super cute!! My daughter's 3rd birthday is coming up- I could use this idea with smaller jars to make balloon weights. Thanks for the idea!

  2. This is so cute! I had no idea about the can tip - I don't make these but I love the tip so I'm totally sharing. :)

  3. I never really considered using jars for decor like this before. This is cool.

  4. What a cute idea, and so inexpensive!!!

  5. Simple yet elegant. I like it.

  6. Putting a can in there is such an awesome idea!

  7. I have to admit, I still have little Valentine hearts hanging from my chandelier from 3 years ago. It's really kinda sad.

  8. I've made these but l used a tall pillar candle in the center which can be lit. In the fall, l use Red kidney beans, Yellow popcorn kernels & Green lentils. Makes a great inexpensive & usefull hostess gift!


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