Heartburn Help

During each of my pregnancies, I experienced a lot of heartburn.  It left me miserable and uncomfortable, even to the point of vomiting.

During my first pregnancy, I tried to tough it out as long as possible.  To prevent it, I tried to avoid foods that can trigger heartburn.  Caffeine.  Spicy.  Citrus.  Tomatoes.  Chocolate.
But really, I may not have tried too hard to avoid heartburn-causing-foods.  I had pizza a couple times a month.  I drank orange juice (the low acid variety).  And, well, if a piece of chocolate fudge was offered to me, I certainly did not decline it.
I slept with my head and chest elevated.  I may not have slept well, but I tried.

Despite my efforts, I spoke to my doctor about what else I could do.  He began with suggesting over-the-counter medications.  If pregnant or breast-feeding, ask a health professional before use.

This post is sponsored by Pepcid Complete.  They sent me the Berry Blend flavor of Pepcid Complete and asked me to compare how it tastes to other heartburn medication I had tried in the past.  I can honestly say it tastes better than the other chalk-like chewable tablets.  I appreciate that I could not detect the chalky taste in Pepcid Complete that is found in other chewable tablets.  It's slightly sweet (but not like candy).  The texture is fine and very easily chewed.  You take Pepcid Complete at the first sign of heartburn, and it controls heartburn all day or night.

Sweet. Not chalky. Good texture. I now keep Pepcid Complete in my medicine cabinet for the first sign of heartburn.

Pecid Complete is unique in that it combines an antacid with an acid reducer.  The special formula combines instant and long-lasting relief.  I like how the texture of it and how it tastes.  I'll reach for my container when heartburn bothers me again.  See more info at the Pepcid website or their Facebook page if you are interested in learning more.

This is a sponsored post.  All opinions and experiences are my own.
~ Annette
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  1. I'll have to look for these in the store

  2. Non-chalky sounds good. I've never tried these but might consider buying some to have on stand-by!

  3. I had terrible heartburn with my second pregnancy . . .it was Pepcid to the rescue!!

    1. My doctor recommended it, though I'm not sure which type.

  4. I am not sure if I have experienced this.

    1. Lucky you! I hadn't until I was pregnant...Now, it's occasional.

  5. for heart burn I eat a piece of celery works great and fast. hope this can help others.


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