5 Book-Themed Birthday Parties for Women and Girls

In keeping with my birthday theme, today I thought I'd share a few book-based birthday parties from a few friends and myself.  Birthdays and books go together like cookies and milk.  If you missed it, yesterday I shared a few ideas to keep birthdays simple.

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IMG_9351 Sophia treat bags web
All The Dolls

What book would you like to celebrate with?  I would love to have my own friends over for a bookish party.

~ Annette
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  1. LOL I love the Anne Of Green Gable Tea Party Idea! What a fun round up!

  2. I love the saying for the Anne of Green Gables tea party - so funny! A book party would be a lot of fun.

  3. These ideas are almost too dear! They're perfect.

  4. Totally going for the Anne of Green Gables party - love that story!

  5. Princess is saying she wants a doll birthday party......


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