Summer Reading Challenge

Summer will be here before you know it.  This Summer Reading Challenge is for you and your family!   Are you ready?  

Adult Reading Challenge

I want to challenge you to read at least one good book for yourself.  This may be a book you've put off reading or didn't think you had the time to read.  If you rarely read, then just choose any book!  Push yourself.  Need a recommendation? You'll find a variety of excellent books in various genres at these links. Top book choices of 2013 and Top book choices of 2012.  

Parent and Child Reading Challenge

I challenge you to also read one or more chapter books to your child, if you are a parent.  Just because our children can read for themselves doesn't mean we should stop reading to them.  Preschoolers enjoy chapter books, too.  Plan to discuss it with them.  Consider if you want to make a project associated with it or just ask questions.  If you want to provide enrichment or seek ideas for discussion, google Title Lesson PlansTitle Critical Thinking Questions, or Title Activities.  Be prepared to have fun with your child.  If nothing else, just make time to read with your child.  I let audio books do too much reading for our family.  It's time to dive in...together!  You could create a children's book worm for every chapter or book you read this summer to your children.
Recommended Children's Books

My personal book challenge:
1. The Woman in White, by Wilkie Collins.  It's been on my list to read since Carrie reviewed it.  My libraries do not have it, but I found it for 50¢ this past weekend.  (Would anyone like to read it with me?)
And if I have the time, I'd also like to add a second book...
2. 1984by George Orwell.  It's a book that seems relevant to our culture today.  I've never read it.

Originally my first choice was Pride and Prejudice; if I make it through my lengthy first and second choices, I may or may not pick it up this summer.  I'm not exactly eager to read it, though that may shock-or even offend-some of my dear friends.

My read aloud book challenge:
1. The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, by C.S. Lewis.  The children have heard this story on CD, but I want to actually read it to them and discuss it.  We have a neat Narnia resource called Roar that will help us to discuss it.  Definitely recommend it to dive deeper and spur discussion.
2. 101 Dalmatians, by Dodie Smith.  This has been on my list to read for a long time.  In July it's the Reading to Know Book Club choice (jump in any time).  My children will enjoy it because 1) They have seen the cartoon movie.  2) My sister had a Dalmatian.  We actually already began it, but won't devote too much time to reading it until Big Sister finishes first grade...on June 20.

How to Participate

The summer reading challenge is quite simple.  How would you like to participate?  Will you choose a book for yourself and/or to read to your children?  Please leave a comment below with the title of the book you plan to read (or several options if you are unsure).  You can post your thoughts at any time during the summer, but please return on August 28 to leave a link to your posted thoughts on the book you read or just a comment if you do not blog.  I'd love for you to spread the word about this reading challenge.

Look forward to some upcoming book giveaways to go with this summer reading challenge.  In the meantime, check out the chapter book about bullying giveaway.

~ Annette W. {This Simple Mom}

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  1. I've been longing to read a good book for a long time. Too busy to have a read nowadays but hopefully this will give me a push :)

  2. 1984 was a required read during my senior year in high school. That was 1970 and it scared me to death for the future!

  3. I just found a 100 best books ever written and my challenge to myself this summer is to read as many as I can... I am starting with The Time Traveler's Wife as I just saw the movie for the first time and am dying to read it. The Woman inWhite is also one I have picked - I saw the movie and loved it.... Then I will work from there... Our granddaughter reads 20 minutes a day from her chapter books - Junie B Jones or The Treehouse series... She reads to Papa... Love to read....

  4. Right now I am working my way through the Janet Evanovich "Stephanie Plum" series. Just love this series!

  5. I just started The Woman in White yesterday! Too funny--so yes, I'll read it with you. :)

    I plan to read The Kindling by Braden Bell to my kids this summer, and I have a couple other ideas. We usually get through three each summer reading aloud.

    I love the bookworm chart!

  6. This sounds fun. I need to start reading more and I can't seem to get motivated this will probably motivation.

  7. Summer's a great time to catch up on reading!

  8. So glad so many of you have reading ideas for the summer!

  9. I'm in, but I need to think about what book I really want to challenge myself with and my boys. At the moment, I'm leaning towards Dickens. Maybe Bleak House. I'll write up a post. :)

  10. I am going to read Orphan Train by Christina Baker Klein. Thanks for setting this up!

  11. Ok, I'm going to pick one book and get back with you! ;)

  12. Here's my post:


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