Plastic Bag Storage

When this blog was still fairly new I shared our plastic bag storage for bathrooms.  After all this time we still use the same tissue boxes under our sinks.  We use plastic grocery bags for garbage can liners in the bathrooms and for dirty diapers, in addition to my husband's lunches.  (He brings home a stash of bags when we get low at home.)
Plastic baby wipes containers would provide an extra sturdy box.

What's your favorite storage tip?

~ Annette W.

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  1. Cleaver. I can use this in my bathrooms where the bags seem to fall out everytime I open the cabinet door.

  2. We just use an old plastic bag, which looks hideous until such time as I throw it all away because I don't remember to take it to the recycling.

  3. Great idea! I have also used those clorox wipes containers and throw the container in the car.

  4. A friend of our family made us a cloth tube with an elasticized end that hangs from a doorknob. Stuff the bags in the top and pull them out the bottom.

  5. This is genius! I go through LOTS of plastic bags. ( I have two dogs and clean up lots of messes).
    I found your site through the Bloggers who use Blogger FB group! ~Meranda

  6. Great idea! Mine always get stuffed in the back of the cupboard, never to be seen again until there are a million spilling out!


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