Countdown to Summer Printable {Free}

Children, parents, and teachers alike eagerly await summer's arrival.  This year, summer officially begins June 21.  The day before is Big Sister's final day of school, so we have lots to look forward to.  I created a simple Countdown to Summer free printable to help with anticipation.  We all need a little more excitement, don't we?  Use this as a countdown to the first day of summer vacation or the official summer.
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In the past I made a Countdown to School free printable.  It really helps my kids to get excited about school.  Some other summer-related free printables are a summer schedule in two styles and the summer fun inspiration poster.  And don't forget to thank your children's teachers!

What do you anticipate most about summer?  For me, it's about being home as a family more.  I'm blessed to not work outside of the home (other than tutoring on occasion), and I delight in being home instead of on the go.  We will still have plenty of activities, but not every single day during the summer.  Our family will go to family camp with our church and visit family in northeastern Pennsylvania during the summer.

Have you signed up for the Summer Reading Challenge yet?  Maybe with all of these summer-related posts, you know what's on my mind.

~ Annette W. {This Simple Mom}


  1. Great printable Annette! My kids are in school until the end of June so I've pinned it to use soon.

  2. This would be great framed so you can cross off things with an erasable marker. Fun printable! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Fun printable... pinning so my followers can see it.

  4. Summer is a relaxing time of the year isn't it? Great printable. :)

  5. Have a wonderful summer, we are gearing up for college....


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